HFC Presents: Snow White and the Dwarves

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Production Information

Written by: Judth Fletcher
Directed by: Judith Fletcher

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well, we all know the reply to that, and soon we're caught up in the spell of this enchanting classic. The vain and wicked Queen seeks to destroy her rival in beauty. The Dwarfs are obstinate, generous, mean, kind, and totally appealing. The Prince is a true Prince, sometimes foolish, always brave, and Snow White is as lovely and lovable as legend says. First rate adaptation with an exuberant spirit.

Nov 15, 7pm. Nov 16, 2 and 7pm Nov 17, 2pm School matinees: Nov 18-22. 10am Nov 22, 7pm Nov 23, 2 and 7 pm Nov 24, 2 pm

Adult Tickets 15.00 Students With ID 12.00 Children 12 and Under 10.00 Groups of 10 or more: 8.00

Cast and Crew

Cast of Characters
(in order of appearance)

Mirror: Zaina Berri, Tara Lewis
King: Brian Bieber
Queen: Natalie Pares
Young Snow White: Zaina Berri, Tara Lewis
Queen Malevolence: Katie Higgins, Luci Metzger
Guard &Puppeteer: Mikaeel Abdun-Nur
Snow White: Danya Talab, Jillian Loschiavo
Cranky: Brian Beiber
Silly: Markita Johnson
Sappy: Samantha Kenbeek
Dizzy: Louai Hussein
Drowzy: Stefanie Mullen
Snotty: Adam Kamrad, Eric Vega
Stinky: Josh Cliff
Tiny: Quevie Wells
Bubbles: Brighid Driscoll
Prince Reginald Von Charming: Adam Kamrad, Eric Vega
Maggie: Starsha Varner
Hansel: Josh Gibson
Gretel: Kennedy Cooper
Red Riding Hood: Tanisha Simmons
Frog Prince: Natalie Pares
Jester: Kennedy Cooper, Starsha Varner
Crone Witch: Katie Higgins, Luci Metzger

Artistic Staff
Director and Adaptor: Judy Fletcher
Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
Costume Designer: Judy Fletcher
Lighting Designer: Scott Ross
Composer: Anthony Lai
Sound Designer: Octavia Griffin

Production Staff
Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
Stage Manager: Renee Hartert
Shop Foreman: Chris Bremer
Lead Painter: Gerry Dzublinski
Carpenters: Hadi Abbas, Anas Pacha, Josh Nelson, Octavia Griffin, Ali Charhour
Scenic Artists: Ieshia Walker, Ali Charhour, Angie Lai, Mike Ross, Anas Pacha, Hadi Abbas
Painters: Josh Nelson, Natalie Perez, Zaina Berry, Katie Higgins, Haid Abbas, Anas Pacha
Master Electrician: Scott Ross
Prop Design & Construction: Reba Neely

Production Crew
Electricians: Hadi Abbas
Costumers: Renee Hatert, Danya Talab, Natalie Pares, Jillian Loschavio, Luci Metzger & Zaina Berri

Run Crew
Sound Operator: Octavia Griffin
Light Operators: Ieshia Walker, Ali Charhour, Renee Hartert, Renee Hartert
Followspot Operators: Angie Lai, Ali Charhour
Properties Manager: Reba Neely

Front of House
House Managers: Chris Bremer, Gerry Dzublinski
Box Office: Tasha Simmons, Billy Thomas
Publicity: Michael Cochran, the cast
Lobby Display: Angie Lai, Katie Higgins
Printing: HFCC Graphics