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Release Date: 
Friday, April 13, 2012

HFC Presents: Grease

Event Date: 
Fri, 04/13/2012 to Sun, 04/22/2012

Production Information

Here is Rydell High's senior class of 1959; hot-rodding Burger Palace Boys and their gum-snapping Pink Ladies, evoking the look and sound of the '50's in this rollicking musical. Relive the antics of Danny and Sandy and the rest of the gang as they sing and dance their way through the songs that became the soundtrack of a generation and earned it a place on the list of the world's most popular musicals!

Fri and Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm Tickets: General: $17, Students: (Elementary, Middle School, High School, College) $15

Cast and Crew

By Arrangement with Samuel French, Inc
Directed by Judith Fletcher
Musical Direction: Kevin Dewey
Choreography: Barbara Salinger
Technical Direction: Gerard Dzublinski
Lighting Design: Scott Ross

Main Cast
(In order of appearance)
Miss Lynch: Courtney Butterfield
Patty Simcox: Samantha York
Eugene Florczyk: Vic Angelo Offutt
Jan: Danya Talab
Marty: Megan Oliver
Betty Rizzo: Samantha Hales Frenchy: Judy Manko
Doody: Joey Kulza:
Roger: Marcellus Hogan Sandy Dumbrowski: Shauna Rae Hazime
Kenicke: Corey Allen Snyder
Sonny LaTierri: Eric Vega
Danny Zuko: Raymond Filipek
Vince Fontaine: Tim Pollack
Johnny Casino: London Johnson
Cha-Cha DiGregio: Danielle Addington:
Teen Angel: Randall Nicholls: Chorus: Brent Baldridge, Khadijah Carr, Drake Marval Highgate, Zena Letman, Miekyle Turner, LaToya Letman, Bowen Underwood, Brittany Lowery, Maurice Whisett, Ellen Nieman, Brandy Patterson, Andrea Wells-Priester

Production Staff
Director: Judith Fletcher
Musical Director: Kevin Dewey
Choreography: Barbara Selinger
Technical Director and Scenic Designer: Gerard Dzublinski
Lighting Designer: Scott Ross
Costume Designer: Judith Fletcher
Properties Designer: Gerard Dzublinski
Sound and Projection Engineer: Alan Contino
Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer Lead Painter: Eugenia Yee
Assistant Costumer/First Hand: Kimberly Barrett
Assistant Director: Jennifer Rymarz
Stage Manager: Donald Cooker
Assistant Stage Manager: Julie Pudelek
Assistant to the Technical Director: Tim Pollack
Assistant Choreographers/Dance Captans: Shauna Rae Hazime, Megan Oliver, Miekyle Turner, Samantha York
Sound Effects: Octavia Griffin
Voice-over Engineer: Anthony Lai
Sound Operators: Octavia Griffin, Deron Porter
Deck Captain: James Lalone
Fly Captain: Courtney Butterfield
Dramaturgs: Tim Pollack, Jesse Ladoceur and Latoya Letman
Lead Carpenters: John Lakatos, Ali Kazan
Properties Manager: Jennifer Rymarz
Chief Properties Artisan and Asst Designer: Tim Pollack
Properties Assistant: Jesse Ladoceur, Brandi Patterson
Properties Supervisor: Judo Manko, Vic Angelo Offut
Fly Crew: Jesse Ladoceur, LaToya Letman
Set Crew: Randeep Sahota, DeRon Porter, Jalessa Peterson, Davon Houston
Paint Crew: Randall Nichols, Ellen Nieman, and Andrea Wells-Priester
Shift Crew: Jesse Ladoceur, Jalessa Paterson, the Company
Program: LaToya Letman
Box Office Supervisor: Dennis Rymarz and Laith Salim
Ushers: Mike Cavarello, India Jackson, Sabrina Loving
Lobby Display: Latoya Letman
Lighting Crew: James Lalone, Julie Pudelek, Jennifer Rymark, and Randeep Sabota
Costumers: Randall Nichols, Amanda Pierce, Maurice Whitsett, Miekyle Turner, Danya Talab, Andrea Wells-Priester
Costume Supervisors: Eric Vega and Shauna Rae Hazime
Makeup: The Cast
Follow Spot Operators: Julie Pudelek and Randeep Sahota
Light board Operator: Jennifer Rymarz
Photo Credits: Joey Kulza and Danya Talab Band Sax: Neal “D’ Duke” Keterson
Piano and Trumpet: Kevin “Doo Wop” Dewey
Guitar: Jason “Twang” Lamb
Bass: Jon “Bassman” Smuk
Drums: Ian “The Kush” Kushnir