HFC Presents: Durang Festival: DMV Tyrant, Wanda's Visit, Women in a Playground, For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

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Production Information

Written by: Christopher Durang
Directed by: Karen Brehmer

Call 313.845.9817 or email gadzuiblinski@hfcc.edu for reservations or more information.

August 16-19 Thurs-Sun. August 23-26 Thurs-Sun. Thurs-Fri-Sats: 8pm/Sun 2pm.

$12 adult $10 student $10 group rate

8pm Thurs.-Sat. 2pm Sun.

We have heard of, or experienced, the intrusive stranger, the house guest who stays too long, the DMV lady who refuses to help, or the mother at her wits end. Within four comedies, Christopher Durang manages to take common life occurrences and add levels of absurdity we hope never happens to us. Durang offers a level of relief to his audience by allowing his characters to say perhaps what the rest of us are feeling in precisely these moments. DMV Tyrant, Wanda's Visit, and Women in a Playground are all original works, complimented by For Whomthe Southern Belle Tolls, a parody of the Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie. The four short plays will be combined in an evening of laughter for the mature audience. (Strong language and mature themes are depicted in the evening's performances.)

Cast and Crew

DMV Tyrant
By Christopher Durang

DMV Lady: Natalie Pares
Customer: Miekyle Turner

Wanda’s Visit
By Christopher Durang

Wanda: Courtney Butterfield
Jim: James Barton
Marsha: Amanda Chahine
Waiter: Vic Angelo Offutt
Gunman 1: Jamie Pappas
Gunman 2: Miekyle Turner

Women in a Playground
By Christopher Durang

Ethel: India Jackson
Alice: Asia Monay

For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
By Christopher Durang

Amanda: Amanda Chahine
Lawrence: Jamie Pappas
Ginny: Judo Manko
Tom: Lee Andrews

Production Staff
Director: Karen Brehmer
Set and Prop Design/Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
Costume Designer: Judith Fletcher
Lighting Designer: Scott Ross
Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer
Scenic Charge Artist: Eugenia Lee
Stage Manager: Renee Hartert
Production Assistant/Publicity: Michael Cochran and Mike Ross
Assistant Directors/Dramaturgs: Miekye Turner & Jamie Pappas
Assistant to the Technical Director: Amanda Chahine & Courtney Butterfield
Assistant Stage Managers: Starsha Varner & India Jackson
Deck Captain: Asia Monay
Carpenters: Sulaiman Yousef, DeAnna Kimble, Orenthal Cain, Raymond Clark, Sanya Gayles, Andre Buyck
Sound Designers: Anthony Seiber
Costume Designer: Natalie Pares
Costume Crew: Tameaka Cooper, Kristy Durr, Maryann Peeples, Nour Makkieh, Tatiana Hughes, Danielle Addington
Make-Up: India Jackson & Courtney Butterfield
Lighting Crew: Lee Andrews, Deanna Kimble, Jonathan Thompson, Sanya Gayles
Scenic Crew: Courtney Butterfield, Nour Makkieh, Mike Ross, Kristy Durr, Alyssa Smith, Bianca Menzer, Jonathan Thompson, Susan Varner
Paint Crew: Orinthal Cain, Courtney Butterfield, Raymond Clark, Sanya Gayles, Andre Buyck, Judo Manko, DeAnna Kimble, Sulaiman Yousef, Mike Ross
Shift Crew: The Cast
Fly Crew: Courtney Butterfield & Amanda Chahine
Props Manager: Tameaka Cooper
Props Mistress: Judo Manko
Light Board Operator: Lisa Stop
Soundboard Operator: Anthony Seiber & Andre Buyck
Program Design: Miekyle Turner
House Manager: Nour Makkieh
Box Office Manager: Sabrina Loving
Ushers: Bianca Menzer, Orinthal Cain, Raymond Clark, Sanya Gales

Special Thanks To:
Dr. Reginald Gerlica, Academic Vice President
Martin Anderson, Associate Dean of Fine Arts and Fitness Division
Dr. George Popovich, Director of Theatre
Gary Erwin and Kurt Anthony Krug, HFC Public Relations
Jay Korinek, WHFR
HFC Graphics
Each and every cast, crew, and faculty member.
Friends and Family of the theatre
And always to Matt