HFC Presents: Bridge To Terabithia

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Production Information

Written by: Katherine Paterson and Stephanie Tolan
Directed by: Karen Brehmer

Jesse Aaron is a lonely farm boy who reluctantly finds new classmate Leslie Burke very interesting. Fifth grade suddenly becomes a blur for Aaron as he and Leslie discover their love of art, a secret magical kingdom in the nearby woods, and even uncover some inner-most fears. Bridge to Terabithia is a bittersweet tale of faith in a young friendship and vivid imagination. It is a must-see for any audiences young at heart.

10.00 General Public.
8.00 Faculty, Staff, Seniors, Students.
5.00 Children Under 12.

Cast and Crew

Jesse Aarons…Kyle Traicoff
Christian Plonka (Four Performances)
Leslie Burke…Andrea Lauryn
India Jackson (Four Performances)
MayBelle Aarons…Candace Chupko
Mrs. Aarons…Natalie Pares
Brenda Aarons…Ali Saghir
Janice Avery…Courtney Butterfield
Miss Edmunds…Asia Monay
Gary Fulcher…Aren Voytal
Billy Jean…Starsha Varner
Girl…Sabrina Loving
Girl 1…India Jackson (Ten Performances)
Boy 1…VicAngelo Offutt
Boy 2…Drake Highgate
Prince Terrien…BJ
Extras…Joshua Gibson
Dejahnae Berry

Production Staff
Director: Karen Brehmer
Technical Director/Set and Prop Design: Gerry Dzublinski
Lighting Design: Scott Ross
Costume Design: Judy Fletcher
Shop Foreman: Chris Brehmer
Scenic Charge Artists: Alan Batkiewisz, Gerry Dzublinski
Assistant Director: Renee Hartet
Dramaturgs: Kyle Traicoff, Christian Plonka
Stage Manager: Jamie Pappas
Assistant Stage Managers: Mahmoud Ahmad-Haidar, Ahmad Ahmad-Haidar
Assistants to the Technical Director: Courtney Butterfield, Andrea Lauryn
Deck Captain: VicAngelo Offutt
Scenic Crew: Lydia Brower, Mark Ojero, Daniel Glachery, Ernest Bradley
Jason Sewell, Maurice Whitsett, Lamika Riley, Jessica Robbins, Quieve Wells, the Cast
Light Crew: Kyle Traicoff, Renee Hartert, Jamie Pappas, Ahmad Ahmad-Haidar, Mahmoud Ahmad-Haidar
Paint Crew: Quevie Wells, Lydia Brower, Maurice Whitsett, The Cast
Shift Crew: Ahmad Ahmad-Haidar, Mahoud Ahmad-Haidar, Courtney Butterfield
VicAngelo Offutt
Props Mistress: Asia Monay
Light Board Operators: Lydia Brower, Maurice Whitsett
Sound Board Operators: Quieve Wells, Gregg Browser
Sound Designers: Karen Brehmer, Gregg Browser, Anthony Lai
Costumes Master: Jessica Robbins
Costume Crew: Lyndona Logan, Dejahnae Berry
Dressers: Natalie Pares, Stashna Varner
Make-up: Asia Monay, Courtney Butterfield, Renee Hartert
House Manager: Lamika Riley, Lyndona Logan
Box Office Managers: Jessica Robbins, Dejahnae Berry
Publicity: Aren Voytal, Ali Saghir, Sabrina Loving, Renee Hartert, India Jackson
Program Designer: Sabrina Loving, India Jackson