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Release Date: 
Friday, April 16, 2010

HFC Presents: Tommy

Event Date: 
Fri, 04/16/2010 to Sun, 04/25/2010

Production Information

Production Times:
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm

Cast and Crew

Cast (In Alphabetical Order)

  • Reshonda Alston: Nurse 1/Specialist’s Assistant/Ensemble
  • Tim Beson: Minister/Judge/Mr. Simpson/Ensemble
  • Paris Butler: RAF Officer 2/Hawker/Ensemble
  • Carolyn Cajas: Minister’s Wife/Ensemble
  • Liz Cianfarni: Ensemble
  • Shevonne Clark: Psychiatrist’s Assistant/Ensemble
  • Shardai Davis: Mrs. Walker
  • Julissa DeLeon: Ensemble
  • James Dizmang: Tommy Narrator/Adult Tom
  • Lila Ghaddar: Hawker’s companion/Mrs. Simpson
  • Christopher Gorno: Captain Walker
  • Mary Hawthorne: Nurse 2/Ensemble
  • Nick Jarvis: Minister/News Vender/Ensemble
  • Angie Lai:Ensemble
  • Stephanie Leon:The Gypsy/Ensemble
  • Mel Marks: Ten Year Old Tommy
  • Dennis Mason: RAF Officer 1/Ensemble
  • Mandy Nameth: Sally Simpson/Ensemble
  • Steve Nazarek: Cousin Kevin
  • Christian Plonka: Kevin’s Father/Ensemble
  • Fraser Stephen: Four Year Old Tommy
  • Stephanie Sulis: Kevin’s Mother/Ensemble
  • Maurizio Rosas: Ensemble
  • Miekeyle Turner: Lover/Specialist/Ensemble
  • Scott Wilding: Uncle Ernie


  • Vocals: Bonnie Lai, Gwyneth Uszynski, Sarah Boettcher, Alexa Kalasz
  • Horn: Arlene Peters
  • Keyboards: G. Kevin Dewey
  • Guitar: Garret Schmittling
  • Bass: Jon Smuk
  • Drums: Reese Williams

Production Staff

  • Director/Technical Director/Scenic Designer:Gerard Dzublinski
  • Assistant Technical Director: Alex Carr
  • Rehearsal/Production Stage Manager: Sean Gillespe
  • Costume Designer/Lead Costumer: Judy Fletcher
  • Lighting Designer: Jennifer Gadzecki
  • Projections Designers: Gerard Dzublinski, Yolanda Aquino
  • Properties Designers: Gerard Dzublinski, Brandi Gouran
  • Lead Carpenter/Chief Scenic Painter: Alex Carr
  • Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer
  • Additional Choreography “Eyesight to The Blind”:Gerard Dzublinski
  • Additional Choreography “Tommy’s Holiday Camp”:Stephanie Leon
  • Assistant Choreographer: Kristina Montalto
  • Dance Captain: Stephanie Leon
  • Carpenters and Painters: Sam Van Demeer, James LaLone, Robert Chesick, Josh Gray, Mandy Nameth, Maurizio Rosas, Angie Lai, Christian Plonka
  • Costumers: Angelina Testani, Alexander Krasicky, Carolyn Witt, Simone Summers, Gerard Dzublinski
  • Dressers: Simone Summers, Angelina Testani, Alexander Krasicky
  • Assistant to Lighting Designer Christopher Bremer, James Dizmang
  • Lighting Crew: Yolanda Aquino, Josh Mulka, Miekyle Turner, Scott Wilding, Shevonne Clark, Aaron Ynclan, Paris Butler, Christian Plonka
  • Projections Crew: Miekyle Turner, Josh Mulka
  • Sound Crew: Josh Gray, Nick Jarvis, Sound Engineer: E.Alan Contino
  • Properties Artisans: Brandi Gouran, Angie Lai, Shevonne Clark, Christian Plonka, Carolyn Cajas
  • Deck Captain: David Pesce
  • Assistant Deck Captain: Brandi Gouran
  • Fly Captain: James LaLone
  • Followspot Operators: Robert Chesick, Jathon Foster
  • Light Board Operator: Aaron Ynclan
  • Sound Board Operator: Josh Gray
  • Makeup: Judy Fletcher’s makeup class, Gerard Dzublinski, the Company
  • Hairpieces: Gerard Dzublinski
  • Dramaturg/Lobby Display: Angie Lai
  • Lobby Illustrations: Maurizio Rosas
  • Assistant to Director: Christian Plonka
  • Publicity: Gerard Dzublinski, Angie Lai, Mike Cochran, The Company
  • Program: Angie Lai
  • House Manager: Kelly Plonka
  • Ushers: Friends of the Company
  • Printing: HFCC Graphics