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Release Date: 
Thursday, August 19, 2010

HFC Presents: Suburbia

Event Date: 
Thu, 08/19/2010 to Sat, 08/28/2010

Production Information

Written by: Eric Bogosian
Directed by: Christopher Bremer

Production Times

Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 pm

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

  • Tim: Jon Stanley
  • Buff: Brandon Gantz
  • Jeff: Eric Bennett
  • Nazeer: Chris Braz, Ramzi Khouz
  • Pakeesa: Kyera Allison
  • Sooze: Lila Ghaddar
  • Bee-Bee: Monique Tokar
  • Pony: Tim Beson
  • Erica: Yolanda Aquino

Production Staff

  • Director: Christopher Bremer
  • Assistant Director: Miekyle Turner
  • Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Assistant Technical Director: Alex Carr
  • Scenic Designer: Alex Carr
  • Lighting Designer: Jennifer Gadzecki
  • Costume Designer: Judy Fletcher
  • Sara Bartles: Stage Manager
  • Sound Designers: Miekyle Turner, Rosa Hernandez
  • Composer/Guitarist, “Man Invisible” & “Salvation”: Gerard Dzublinski
  • Properties Designer: Rosa Hernandez, Angie Lai
  • Lead Carpenter/Scenic Painter: Alex Carr
  • Set Construction: Johnny Swift II, Arnold Byrd Mike Byrd, Jeff Pearl, Eric Redinger, Robert Grey
  • Set Painting: Johnny Swift II, Arnold Byrd, Robert Grey, Jeff Pearl, Mike Davis, Eric Redinger, Angie Lai
  • Recording Engineer: Anthony Lai
  • Properties Manager: Chris Braz
  • Properties Team: Rosa Hernandez, Arnetta Smith, Shardai Davis Angie Lai, Yolanda Aquino
  • Costume Manager: Lila Ghaddar
  • Light Board Operators: Annetta Smith, Eric Redinger, Robert Gey
  • Sound Board Operators: Rosa Hernandez, Mike Davis
  • Dialect Coaches: Gerard Dzublinski, Angie Lai
  • Deck Captain: Angie Lai
  • Assistant Deck Captain: Tim Beson
  • Electrics: Jeff Pearl, Yolanda Aquino, Sara Bartles, Shardai Davis Eric Redinger
  • Publicity: Gerard Dzublinski, Mike Cochran, Angie Lai, The Company
  • Dramaturgy: Angie Lai
  • Box Office: Angie Lai Ushers: Robert Grey, Mike Davis, Eric Redinger, Rosa Herandez, Annetta Smith
  • Program: Angie Lai
  • Printing: HFCC Graphics

Special Thanks to:

  • Dr Gail Mee, HFCC President
  • Dr. Reg Gerlica, Academic Dean
  • Associate Dean Martin Anderson
  • Dr. Popovich, Director of Theater
  • Maryanne Bartles & Henry Ford Centennial Library
  • The Jewish Ensemble Theater
  • The Experimental Theater Performing Arts Association
  • HFCC Music Studios
  • HFCC Graphics

Scenic Design By Alex Carr Lighting Design By Jennifer Gadzecki Costume Design by Judy Fletcher