HFCC presents 'The Odyssey' April 16-26

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HFCC presents 'The Odyssey' April 16-26


The Henry Ford Community College Theater program will present 'The Odyssey,' directed by HFCC theater instructor Gerry Dzuiblinski, Apr. 16-26 in the Adray Auditorium of the Mackenzie Fine Arts Center on HFCC’s main campus, located at 5101 Evergreen Road in Dearborn. Show times are 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students with ID. For tickets, call 313-845-9817.

'The Odyssey' is based on the adaptation of Homer’s classic ancient Greek poem by Nobel prize-winner Derek Walcott. The play is quick moving, and glides seamlessly between colloquial speech and poetic verse, according to Dzuiblinski. While primarily set in ancient Greece, Walcott’s version of 'The Odyssey' has scenes that are framed in a more contemporary manner.

HFCC alumnus Anthony Lai has created an original score for the play. Janeen Bodary, artistic director of the Pryzm School of the Arts, is choreographing the play and members of her dance company will guest in the program. Lighting is by Chris Bremer and costumes are by Judy Fletcher.

The production features Shardai Davis of Dearborn as Athena; Chris Call of Detroit as Odysseus; Stephanie Brewer of Flat Rock as Helen of Troy, Chloe, Mermaid, Candle Holder, Dancer and Listener; Brandon Grantz of Dearborn Heights as Thersites, Ctesippus, Eurylochus and Athlete; Derek Fawaz of Dearborn as Menelaus, Eumaeus, Stratis, Courtier and Sailor; Kirsten Koschnitzke of Lincoln Park as Nausicaa; Sean Copeland of Detroit as Nestor and Tiresias and Christian Plonka of Dearborn as the Ram, Listener and Helen’s Attendant.

Also starring in the production are: Jairen Lott of Ferndale as Telemachus and Courtier; Stephanie Leon of Dearborn as Eurycleia; Angie Lai of Dearborn Heights as Anticlea and Listener; James Hodges of Detroit as Antionous, Ajax, Sailor and Courtier; Vanessa Palmer of Southgate as Vanessa and Listener; Austin Plonka of Dearborn as Elphenor, Polybus, Proteus, Nestor’s Attendant and Cyclops Guard; James Dizmang of Dearborn Heights as Billy Blue; Kevin Johnston of Dearborn Heights as Leodes, Alcinous, Costa, Agamemnon and Sailor; John Toon of Brownstown as Cyclops, Amphinomous, Arneas, Stavros and Athlete; Patricia Hills of Farmington Hills as Melantho, Anemone and Shango Priest; Kori Belenic as Circe and Andrew Cuschiers of Dearborn Heights as Eurymachus, Courtier, Sailor, Cyclops guard and Achilles.

For more information or ticket reservations, call (313) 845-9817. For more information about HFCC, log onto www.hfcc.edu.