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Thursday, November 12, 2009

HFCC Presents 'A Christmas Carol'

Henry Ford Community College’s Theater for Young Audiences will present its winter production, 'A Christmas Carol,' from Friday, Nov. 13 to Sunday, Dec. 6 in the Adray Auditorium in the Mackenzie Fine Arts Center located on HFCC’s main campus at 5101 Evergreen Road in Dearborn.

Show times will be Fridays at 7 p.m., Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sundays. There will be no performances on Thanksgiving weekend. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for students with ID, $5 for children 12 and under and $5 per seat for groups of 10 or more.

Written by Charles Dickens and directed by the award-winning Christopher Bremmer, 'A Christmas Carol' tells the tale of old and bitter Ebenezer Scrooge, who undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of a Christmas Eve night. For more information, please call (313) 845-9817 or visit

Production Information

Directed by Chris Bremer Based on the novel by Charles Dickens Adapted by Gerry Dzublinski Scenic Design by Alex Carr Costume Design by Judith Fletcher Lighting Design by Jennifer Gadzecki

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

  • Hayder Al-Shakarchi: Ebenezer Scrooge
  • James Dizmang: Bob Cratchit
  • Ramzi Khzouz/Steve Stylianou: Fred
  • Vanessa Palmer: Solicitor 1
  • Morella Foster: Solicitor

Christmas Past

  • Patricia Castillo-Bello/Lila Ghaddar: The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Christian Plonka: Young Boy Scrooge
  • Angela Cody/Shardai Davis: Fan
  • Michael Cochran: Fezziwig
  • Hasem Salem: Young Scrooge
  • Paris Butler: Dick Wilkins
  • Sarah Kornacki/Lila Ghaddar: Belle
  • Steve Stylianou, Stephanie Sulis, Paris Butler, Aisha Kahn, Kevin Marks, Angie Lai, Vanessa Palmer, Ramzi Khzouz, Morella Foster, Miekyle Turner, James Dizmang, Zaineb Berri, Christian Plonka, Angela Cody, Scott Wilding, Karissa Watson, Shevonne Clark

Christmas Present

  • Kevin Marks/Alex Carr: The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Erika Smith/Shardai Davis: Mrs.Cratchit
  • Miekyle Turner: Peter Cratchit
  • Stephanie Sulis/Vanessa Palmer: Belinda Cratchit
  • Stephanie Leon: Martha Cratchit
  • Yolanda Aquino: Young Girl Cratchit
  • Ben Sulis: Tiny Tim Cratchit
  • Angie Lai: Fred’s wife
  • Paris Butler: Mr. Topper
  • Vanessa, Palmer, Morella Foster, Michael Cochran, Aisha Kahn, Zaineb Berri, Robert Grey

Christmas Yet to Come

  • Hasem Salem: The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
  • Scott Wilding: Citizen 1
  • Angela Cody: Citizen 2
  • Christian Plonka: Citizen 3
  • Robert Gray: Old Joe Charwoman: Zainab Berri/Patricia Castillo-Bello
  • Laundress: Aisha Kahn/Angie Lai

Dancers, Carolers, Street People, Servants

  • Stephanie Leon, Miekyle Turner, Stephanie Sulis, Angela Cody, Zainab Berri, Sarah Kornacki, Karissa Matson, Angie Lai, Scott Wilding, Paris Butler, Christian Plonka, Shevonne Clark
  • Scott Wilding: Young Boy
  • Stephanie Leon: Fred’s Maid

Production Staff

  • Christopher Bremer: Director
  • Gerry Dzublinksi: Technical Director
  • Alex Carr: Scenic Design
  • Judith Fletcher: Costume Designer
  • Jennifer Gadzecki: Lighting Designer
  • Gerry Dzublinski: Properties Designer
  • Stephanie Leon: Choreographer
  • Stage Manager: Yolanda Aquino
  • Deck Captain: Shardai Davis
  • Alex Carr: Lead Carpenter/Lead Painter
  • Kevin Marks, Robert Gray, Ramzi Khzouz, Hasem Salem, Morella Foster, Michael Cochran, Erika Smith, Miekyle Turner, Sahar Dika, James Lalong, Heather Metcalf, Shardai Davis, James Dizmang, Andrew Shaw, Margarett Martin, Hasem Salem, Aaron Ynclan, Andrea Shaw, Robert Grey, Heather Metcalf, Sahar Dika, Margaret Martin, Shardai Davis: Set Painting
  • Kelly Plonka, Sarah Kornacki: Costume Assistants
  • Stepahnie Sulis, Angela Cody, Scott Wilding, James Dizmang, Paris Butler: Lighting Crew
  • Christian Plonka, Shardai Davis: Properties Crew
  • Sarah Korarcki, James Dizmang: Sound Crew
  • Shardai Davis, Yolanda Aquino: Assistants to Director
  • Gerry Dzublinski: Dialect Coach
  • Aaron Ynalan, Heather Metcalf: Light Board Operators
  • Sahar Dika, James Lalone, Gerry Dzublinski: Sound Board Operators
  • Angie Lai: Dramaturgy/Study Guide
  • Gerry Dzublinski, Michael Cochran, Angie Lai, Kelly Plonka, The Company: Publicity
  • Kelly Plonka: House Manager
  • Friends of The Company: Ushers
  • Angie Lai: Program Design
  • HFCC Graphics: Printing