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Release Date: 
Friday, November 14, 2008

HFC Presents: Wisdom And Wonder: Tales from Ancient Greece

Event Date: 
Fri, 11/14/2008 to Sun, 12/07/2008

Production Information

Written by: Kate Heckner-Ulrey
Directed by: Gerry Dzublinski

Production Times
Fridays at 7pm
Saturdays at 2pm&7pm
Sundays at 2pm

Cast and Crew


  • Harmonia, the mother: Shardai Davis
  • Chara, the daughter: Gwen Ulrey
  • Cadmus, the father: Steve Nazarek
  • Gregorious: Christian Plonka, Maye Kuhr
  • Kyros, the teacher: Alan Devlin

The Gods and Mortals

  • Poseidon: James Hodges
  • Hades: Chris Romero
  • Demeter: Stephanie Leon, Kirsten Koschnitzke
  • Aphrodite: Janeen Bodary
  • Hera: Patricia Castillo-Bello, Annalee Kuhr
  • Zeus: James Dizmang
  • Ares: Steve Nazarek
  • Hephastus: Michael Cochran, Kori Belenic, Alan Devlin
  • Hermes: Jeff Waddell
  • Athena: Vanessa Palmer, Jane Ulrey
  • Apollo: Chris Call
  • Artemis: Maye Kuhr
  • Arachne: Morella Foster, Annalee Kuhr
  • Phaethon: Jairen Lott, Jeff Waddell
  • Clymene: Carolyn Cajas, Angie Lai
  • Persephone: Jillian Draplas, Asia McGowan
  • Baucis: Brittany Redden, Karima Bishop, Kate Heckner-Ulrey
  • Philemon: Chris Romeo
  • Echo: Kirsten Koschnitzke
  • Narcissus: James Hodges
  • Chaos: Jeff Waddell, Gabrielle Hooks, Maye Kuhr, Asia McGowan, Jillian Drapala, Erin Franklin, Annalee Kuhr, Jairen Lott Mother Earth: Vanessa Palmer, Carolyn Cajas
  • Father Sky: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Hecacontires: Gabrielle Hooks, Annalee Kuhr, Maye Kuhr, Jillian Drapela, Chantell Griffey, Erin Franklin, Jairen Lott
  • Titans: Alan Devlin, Michael Cochran, Brittany Redden, Kirsten Koschnitzke
  • Cyclops: Chris Call
  • Chronus: Steve Nazarek
  • Rhea: Jane Ulrey
  • Cerberus: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Townspeople: Brittany Redden, Carolyn Cajas, Karima Bishop, Kate Heckner, Asia McGowan, Jauwanna Johnson
  • Bullies: Jauwanna Johnson, Kirsten Koschnitzke, Asia McGowan, Jillian Drapela, Gabrielle Hooks, Jane Ulrey
  • Horses: Jane Ulrey, Brittany Redden, Kirsten Koischnitzke, Patricia Castillo-Bello, Chantell Griffey
  • Persephone’s Friends: Morella Foster, Vanessa Palmer, Gabrielle Hooks, Jauwanna Johnson, Brittany Hedden, Kirsten Koschnitzke Pandora: Jane Ulrey, Erin Franklin
  • Evils: Chris Romeo, Annalee Kuhr, Kirsten Koschnitzke, Gabrielle Hooks, Jillian Drapela, James Hodges Hope: Stepahnie Leon, Chantell Griffey
  • Nymphs: Asia McGowan, Jillian Drapela, Gabrielle Hooks, Jane Ulrey, Stephanie Leon, Erin Franklin, Chantell Griffey
  • Nocturne: Janeen Bodary, James Hodges, Jeff Waddell, Stephanie Leon, Chris Call, Erin Franklin, Jairen Lott, Jane Ulrey, Chantell Griffey

Production Staff

  • Director/Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Composer: Anthony Joseph Lai
  • Choreographer: Janeen Bodary
  • Stage Manager: Angie Lai
  • Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinsk
  • i Assistant Scenic Director: Alan Devlin
  • Lighting Designer: Chris Bremer
  • Costume Designer: Judith Fletcher
  • Costume Designer: Kate Heckner-Ulrey, Brittany Redden, Janeen Bodary, Karen Drugacz, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Makeup design: Gerry Dzublinski, the Company, Tracy Koschnitzke
  • Wig Construction: Steve Nazarek, Danielle Smoltz, Chris Call
  • Mask Construction: Steve Nazarek, Danielle Smoltz, Chris Call
  • Properties Designer: Brittany Redden
  • Properties Designer Assistants: Christian Plonka, Angie Lai
  • Cerberus Puppet Design: Alan Devlin
  • FX Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Assistant FX Designer: James Dizmang
  • Light Board Operators: Joe Giese, Steve Elam, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Sound Board Operators: Elliott Seacon, Gerry Dzublinski FX Captain: Steve Nazarek
  • Set Construction: The Company, Alex Carr
  • Set Painting: Gerry Dzublinski, Alex Carr, The Company
  • Acting Coaches: Chris Call, Kori Bielnac
  • Deck Captain: Kate Heckner-Ulrey
  • Assistant Deck Captain: James Dizmang
  • Dramaturg/Workshop Facilitor: Kate Heckner-Ulrey
  • Workshop Assistants: Gwen Ulrey, Jane Ulrey, Maye Kuhr
  • Publicity: Gerry Dzublinski, Michael Cochran, Chris Call, Kate Heckner-Ulrey, Angie Lai, Shardai Davis
  • House Managers: Kelly Plonka, Tracy Koschnitzke
  • Ushers: Friends of The Company
  • Printing: HFC Graphics
  • Program Layout: Angie Lai