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Release Date: 
Sunday, April 1, 2007

HFC Presents: The Jungle Book

Event Date: 
Sun, 04/01/2007 to Mon, 04/30/2007

Production Information

Directed by: Gerry Dzublinski

Cast and Crew

The Cast

  • Villagers: Rashaud Best, Cindy Gergely, Jeremiah Devlin-Rouille
  • Dance Chorus: Jeffrey Waddell, Kirsten Koschnitzke, Sean Washington Ira Toddman, Kelcie Bourquin, Fatooma Saad, Leah Cronce- Solano, Amy Gray, Miranda Micallef, Lila Ghadar, Danya Jaber
  • Featured Dancers: Jeffrey Waddell, Sean Washington, Ira Toddman, Leah Cronce-Solano
  • Messua – Mowgli’s Human Mother: Amy Gray
  • Shere Khan – The Tiger: Laura McCallum
  • Raksha, Mother Wolf: Fatooma Saad
  • Sister Wolf: Kirsten Koshnitzke/Danya Jober/Kirsten Mercer
  • Brother Wolf: Rashud Best
  • Father Wolf: Jeremiah Devlin-Roulle
  • Mowli- The Lost Baby Eleven Years Later: Brandon Grantz
  • Bagheera – the Wise Old Panther: Chris Call
  • Bandar (Monkey) Queen: Amanda Taylor
  • Bandar #1: Rashaud Best
  • Bandar #2: Jeremiah Devlin-Roulle
  • Baloo-The Friendly Old Bear: Karima Bishop/Devona Moore
  • Chil-The Raptor: A Large Messenger Bird: Jeff Waddell/Danya Jaber/Kirsten Koschnitze
  • Kaa, Kaalia The Python – Slithery Snake: Lila Ghadar

Production Staff

  • Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Scenic Design: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Shop Foreman: Chris Bremer
  • Costume Designer and Head Costumer: Judy Fletcher
  • Choreographer: Janine Bodary
  • Vocal Music Coach: Amy Gray
  • Fight Choreographer: Jim Piche
  • Lighting Designer: Chris Bremer
  • Sound Engineer: Alan Contino
  • Movement Coach: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Makeup Designers: Gerry Dzublinski, Karima Bishop, Tracey Koschnitzke
  • Rehearsal Stage Managers: Ame Church, and Jacob Rynicki
  • Production Stage Managers: Ame Church
  • Production Manager: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Dance Captain: Leah Cronce-Solano
  • Dramaturg: Sean Washington
  • Guest Vocal Coach: Jeremy St Martin
  • Executive Production and Technical Assistant: Ralph Koschnitze
  • Production Assistant: Cindy Gergely
  • Assistant to the Production Manager: Jason Rizk
  • Assistant to Director: Jeremiah Devlin-Ruelle
  • Assistant to Choreographer: Miranda Micallef
  • Assistant to Stage Manager: Jim Piche
  • Assistant to Fight Choreographer: Alan Devlin
  • Assistant to Vocal Coach: Ame Church
  • Assistant to Costumer: Tracey Koschnitke, Devona Moore
  • Assistant to the Movement Coach: Miranda Micallef
  • Properties Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Scenic Painters: Laura McCallum, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Properties Artisans: Tracey Koschnitke, Cindy Gergely, Brian Tarasiewicz, Marino Murad
  • Carpenters: Mike Fischer, Brian Tarasiewicz, Yolanda Aquino, Donna Cronce, Alan Devlin, Laura McCallum, Jason Rizk, The Cast
  • Technical Consultant: Marino Murad
  • Promotions Assistants: Cindy Geregly, Kimberly Hines, Michael Cochran, Yolanda Aquino, Tracey Koschnitze House Managers: Tracey Koschnitke, Yolanda Aquino, Properties Manager: Fatooma Saad
  • Costume Managers: Yolanda Aquino, Chris Call, Kelcie Bourquin
  • Mask Managers: Lila Ghaddar, Kirsten Koschnitzke
  • Deck Captains: Alan Devlin, Amanda Taylor
  • Special Effects Crew: Brandon Grantz, Jeff Waddell
  • Lightboard Operator: Alan Devlin
  • Rehearsal Sound: Ame Church, Ralph Koschnitzke, Alan Devlin
  • Sound Operators: Brian Tarasiewicz, Ralph Koschnitke
  • Additional Sound Editing/Mixing: Ame Church, Ralph Koschnitke
  • Electricians: Rashaud Best, Alan Devlin, Danya Jaber
  • Run Crew: Ira Toddman, Rashaud Best
  • Maskworkers: Laura McCallum, Carol McClusky, Bill Dailing, Devona Moore, Tracey Koschnitzke, Monique Tokar, Cindy Gergely, Majd Murad, Fatima Bazzy
  • Photography: Ralph Koschnitzke
  • Promotional Design/Layout/ Production: Patti Sekuildis, HFCC Graphics
  • Program Design/Layout/Production: Ralph Koschnitzke, HFCC Graphics