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Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 2, 2005

HFC Presents: The Kentucky Cycle/part Two

Event Date: 
Tue, 08/02/2005 to Wed, 08/31/2005

Production Information

Written by: Robert Schenkkan
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski, Christopher Bremer and Brian Tarasiewicz


Playlet Six “Tall Tales”

  • Adult Mary Ann Rowen: Amy Gray
  • Child Mary Anne: Rachel Porter
  • JT Wells: Eric Green
  • Tommy Jackson: Jason Rooker
  • Jed Rowen: Ryan Metcalf
  • Lallie Rowen: Joanne Robertson

Playlet Seven “Fire in the Hole”

  • Mary Anne Rowen Jackson: Amy Gray
  • Ezekiel Rowen: Ben Szilagy
  • Joshua Rowen Jackson: Gwen Ulrey
  • Tommy Jackson: Jason Rooker
  • Cassius Biggs: Robert Stamps
  • Mackie: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Doctor: Jason Enright
  • Abe Steinman: Eric Green
  • Silus: David Kowalchyk
  • Andrew Talbert Washington: Jerry Jarvis
  • Mother Jones: Laura MaCallum
  • Barfighting Miner: Ryan Metcalf
  • Preacher: Steffan Dziczek
  • Miner #1: Ben Szilagy
  • Miner #2: Jason Enright
  • Miner #3: Steffan Dziczek
  • Sureta Biggs: Devona Moore
  • Lucy: Joanne Robertson
  • Man: Ryan Metcalf
  • Other Miners and Townspeople, and Children: Gerry Dzublinski, Jane Ulrey, Jason Echols, Jason Enright, Kelcie Bourquin, Marino Marud, Rachel Porter, Ryan Metcalf

Playlet Eight “Which Side Are You On?”

  • Joshua Rowen: Steffan Dziczek
  • Man #1: Eric Green
  • Man #2: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Margaret Rowen: Laura MacCallum