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Release Date: 
Monday, August 1, 2005

HFC Presents: The Kentucky Cycle/part One

Event Date: 
Mon, 08/01/2005 to Wed, 08/31/2005

Production Information

Written by: Robert Schenkkan
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski, Christopher Bremer and Brian Tarasiewicz


Playlet One “Masters of the Trade”

  • Earl Todd: a Scottish trapper: Ryan Metcalf
  • Michael Rowen, an Irish indentured servant: David Kowalczyk
  • Sam, a Virginian Farmer: Jerry Jarvis
  • Taskwan, a Cherokee: Steffan Dziczek
  • Dragging Canoe, a Cherokee: Ben Szilagy
  • Cherokee Warriors: Eric Green, Jason Rooker

Playlet Two “The Courtship of the Morningstar”

  • Michael Rowen: David Kowalczyk
  • Morning Star, a Cherokee: Tess Ulrey
  • Double for Morning Star: Rachel Porter

Playlet Three “The Homecoming”

  • Patrick Rowen, Michael’s son: Eric Green
  • Rebecca Talbert, a neighbor: Rachel Porter
  • Star Rowen: Tess Ulrey
  • Michael Rowen: David Kowalchyk
  • Joe Talbert, Rebecca’s Father: Jason Enright
  • Sallie, a slave: Devona Moore

Playlet Four “Ties that Bind”

  • Patrick Rowen: Eric Green
  • Ezekiel (Zeke) Rowen, his son: Ben Szilagy
  • Zachariah (Zach) Rowen, his son: Jason Rooker
  • Sallie Biggs, a slave: Devona Moore
  • Jessie Biggs, Sallie’s son, also a slave: Christopher Hogan
  • Judge Jim Goddard, Circuit court judge: Ryan Metcalf
  • Deputy Grey, a court deputy: James Piche
  • Deputy O’ Sullivan: Marino Murad
  • Jeremiah: Jerry Jarvis
  • Star: Tess Ulrey

Playlet Five “God's Great Supper”

  • Jed Rowen: Ryan Metcalf
  • Ezekiel Rowen, Jed’s Father: Ben Szilagy
  • Patrick Rowen, Jed’s Grandfather: Eric Green
  • Joleen Rowen, Jed’s Mother: Joanne Robertson
  • Richard Talbert, landowner, son of Jeremiah Talbert: Steffan Dziczek
  • Randall Talbert, Richard’s only son: Gwen Ulrey
  • Rose Ann Talbert, Richard’s daughter: Jane Ulrey
  • Julie Ann Talbert, Richard’s daughter: Kelcie Bourquin
  • First Sharecropper: David Kowalchyk
  • Second Sharecropper: Jason Rooker
  • Talbert’s House Negro: Christopher Hogan
  • Talbert’s Soldiers: Marino Murad, Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Union Colonel: Jason Enright
  • First Rebel: Eric Green
  • Second Rebel: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Boatman: James Piche
  • Tommy Nolan: Jason Rooker
  • Carl Dawkins: David Kowalchyk
  • Gus Slocum: Eric Green
  • William Clarke Quantrill: Jerry Jarvis
  • First Union Soldier: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Second Union Soldier: Gerry Dzublinski Civilian Prisoners: James Piche, Laura McCallum, Michelina, Risbeck Sam Jackson: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Edward Hayes: Marino Murad
  • Townspeople and Mourners:
  • Kelcie Bourquin
  • Gerry Dzublinski
  • Jason Enright
  • Amy Gray
  • Laura McCallum
  • James Piche
  • Michelina Risbek
  • Rachel Porter
  • Tess Ulrey
  • Jane Ulrey

Production Staff

  • Director and Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lighting Designer and Shop Foreman: Chris Bremer
  • Costume Designer and Chief Costumer: Judy Fletcher
  • Sound Designer and Operator: Alex Carr
  • Properties Designer: Jason Enright
  • Weapon Properties Designer: Jerry Jarvis
  • Fight Choreography and Fight Captain: James Piche
  • Rehearsal Stage Manager: Rachel Porter
  • Production Manager: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Production Stage Manager: Rita Marie Gross
  • Light Board Operator: Kate Ulrey
  • Deck Captain: Tess Ulrey
  • Properties Manager: Amy Gray
  • House Managers: Gerry Dzublinski, Kate Ulrey
  • Box Office Managers: Mike Cochran, Sean Robertson
  • Costume Managers: Devona Moore, Laura McCallum Armorers: Jerry Jarvis, Jason Rooker Wigs: Steffan Dziczek, Joanne Robertson Electricians: David Kowalchyk, Jason Enright, Amy Gray, Devona Moore, Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Carpenters and Painters: Jeff Holste, Cast and Crew
  • Publicity Coordinator: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Program: Anne Calahan
  • Work Study: Aundrey Hubbard