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Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 2003

HFC Presents: Multicultural Soup

Event Date: 
Wed, 01/01/2003 to Fri, 01/31/2003


The Stonecutter

The Stonecutter: Rita Marie Gross
The Chorus: The Company

The Bush Child

The Old Woman:Ashley Francis
The Bush Child: Melanie Woltz
The Chorus: The Company

Indian Creation Myth

Grandfather:Abby Cosgriff
His Dog: Darrell Wheat
The First Person: Pat Harrison
The Chorus: The Company

The Three Tales of The Sufi

The Sufi: Darrell Wheat
The Tale of The Keys: Pat Harrison & David Taylor
The Mullah and His Donkey: Steffan A. Dziczek & Rita Marie Gross
The Four Pilgrims: Alex Carr, Andrea Newman, Ashley Francis, Melanie Woltz and Abby Cosgriff

Y Chadee

Eshyn: Steffan A. Dziczek
The Maidens: Abby Cosgroff, Melanie Woltz, Andrea Newman
Ny Eshyn: Darrell Wheat
The Old Man: Pat Harris
Palace Guards: Alex Carr and David Taylor
The Old Woman: Andrea Newman
Y Chadee : Ashley Francis
The Warriors: Rita Marie Gross, Darrell Wheat, Pat Harrison, Alex Carr
The Temptressess : Abby Cosgriff, Melanie Woltz, Andrea Newman
The King: David Taylor

The Blind Persons and The Elephant

The Company