HFC Presents: The Great Awakening

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Production Information

2000 Page Award Winners
Outstanding Achievement By An Actress In A One Act Short Play Or Monologue: Jere Oritz
Outstanding Achievement In One Act Or Short Play: Henry Ford College, Gerry Dzuiblinski, producer

Written by: Shawna Farley
Directed by: Shawna Farley

Cast and Crew

  • Adult Jane: Jere’ Oritz
  • Rhoda: Morgan Manasa
  • The Angel: Billie Schuttpelz
  • The Other Woman: Jaime Jacobs
  • Younger Jane: Melanie Bolen
  • Matt: William Spicher
  • Dad: Sean Farley
  • Mom: Christina Tamoshunas
  • Mrs. Frame: Joanne Robertson
  • The Demon: Mike Chavez