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Release Date: 
Monday, June 1, 1998

HFC Presents: Freakshow Brain

Event Date: 
Mon, 06/01/1998 to Tue, 06/30/1998

Production Information

1999 Page Award Winners
Outstanding Achievement By An Actress In A One Act Play Or Monologue: Fatimah Bazzy

Written by: Leah Ankeny
Directed by: Leah Ankeny


  • The Barker: Fatimah Bazzy
  • Assistant 1, the Teacher: Amanda Bates
  • Assistant 2, the Lawyer: Kimberly Paris
  • Girl Next Door: Peggy Easa
  • The Family Man: Jason Thorton
  • The Prep School Girl: Meagan Groves
  • The Psychology Student: Carol Calzada