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Release Date: 
Monday, June 30, 1997

HFC Presents: The Game

Event Date: 
Sun, 06/01/1997 to Mon, 06/30/1997

Production Information

1998 Page Award Winners
Outstanding Achievement In An Original Show: Ron Trice

Written by: Ron Trice
Directed by: Ron Trice

Cast and Crew

  • Charles Johnson: Michael Godwin
  • Alice Johnson: Iris Farrugia
  • Beatrice Johnson: Janet Bell
  • Betty Walker: Fatimah Bazzy
  • John Williams: Marques Wells
  • Judge T. F. Bend: Monique Brently
  • Sidney David: Sarah Mclean
  • Frank “Goldie” Gold: Chuck Reynolds
  • District Attorney: Jennifer Butcher
  • Lieutenant Wave: Michael Cochran
  • Patricia Tate: Hala Dika
  • Mrs. Donald White: Jennifer Streamer