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Release Date: 
Thursday, July 30, 1987

HFC Presents: On Borrowed Time

Event Date: 
Thu, 07/30/1987 to Sun, 08/02/1987

Production Information

1987 Page Award Winners
Best Young Performer: Joey Oravec

Written by: Paul Osborn
Directed by: George Popovich


  • Pud: Joey Oravec
  • Granny: Lydia Romano
  • Gramps: Lew Sequin
  • Mr. Brink: Jim Shimina
  • Demetria Riffle: Rose Teper
  • A Boy: Eva-Dean Wiberg
  • Workmen: Eva-Dean Wiberg
  • Dr. Evans: Brenda Boyd
  • Ms. Philbeam: Elaine Puruleski
  • Mr. Grimes: James Bergstrom
  • Sheriff: Thomas P. Korte
  • Betty: Herself