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Release Date: 
Thursday, May 8, 1986

HFC Presents: Damn Yankees

Event Date: 
Thu, 05/08/1986 to Sat, 05/10/1986

Production Information

Written by: George Abbot and Douglas Wallop
Words and Music By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Directed By George Popovich
Choreography By Diane Mancinelli


Singers and Dancers
Debbie Amodio, Edna Elliot. Susan Murphy, Joanie Bradley, Cynthis Grusendorf, Cecilla Picking, Bradley Bridges, Andre Harris, John Sartor, Mary Butler, Mike Klingelhafer, Cindy Smith, Matt Deschantz, Sarah Kopicki, Kari Sterns, Jacqueline Eastman, James Marbury, Jr., Brian Wheatley

Youth of America Fan Club
Mika Abbas, Steven Kerwin, Andrew Smith, Ali Aldass, Erin Kopicki, Cindy Smith, Aamed Ayoub, Danielle Makky, Jennifer Smith, Jacqueline Eastman, Salina Mcckelland, Sarah Smith, Maha Elsayed, Ali Saad, Tracey Smith, Krishna Gil, Eman Saad, Kari Stearns

Night Club Dancers
Debbie Amodio, Edna Elliot, Susan Murphy, Joannie Bradley, Cindy Grusendorf, Cindy Smith, Matt Deschantz, Sarah Kopicki, Kari Stearns, Jackie Eastman, James Marbury, Jr., James Worline