About Our Program

Do you see yourself as a creative individual? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Were you captivated by the hypnotic interaction between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore ever since you saw her spinning clay in the 1990 movie Ghost?

If this sounds like you, it is time to start playing in the “mud” in pursuit of an Associate of Arts degree in Ceramics at Henry Ford College. Our program offers you the background, knowledge and essential skills necessary to become a studio potter, ceramic artist or ceramic technician. We will provide you with the ability to make your own personal mark on the world through designing and building utilitarian objects or other creative ceramic ware, as well as thoroughly prepare you to transfer to a four-year college or university Ceramics program.

Our program is designed to teach you the theory and practice behind using clay to build objects for use or creative expression. Through our courses you will learn fundamental design concepts and a bit of chemistry in order to understand how to make the clay and glaze react properly with one another. You will also gain practical experience making objects with your hands and using instruments such as the potter's wheel. Last but not least, our program will also help you develop the professional communication skills necessary to open up and engage others in an educational or marketing environment.

Building a career in any creative field can be challenging. Patience and persistence are important to any artist’s development, and you have to be both dedicated and very good at what you do. If you really enjoy working with clay and take the time to learn the necessary skills, it can be very rewarding. Take the first step and enroll in the Ceramics program at HFC.

Interested in our Program?

  • https://sisson.hfcc.edu/student-work
    See student work and participate in art exhibitions presented at the Sisson Art Gallery.
  • foundation for many fields
    • Automotive Modeler
    • Art Educator
    • Ceramic Engineer
    • Gallery Director
    • Museum Technician
    • Production Potter
    • Studio Artist
  • $44,400 median salary

    $44,400 median salary for Fine and Craft Artists.
    $56,310 - $70,790 salary Salary range for Art Educator, which may require a bachelor's or higher degree.
    A talented and dedicated ceramic artist has the potential to earn more through art sales.

  • Complete ceramics facility
    • Four full size electric kilns
    • Two large gas-fired reduction kilns
    • faculty and student built outdoor gas powered atmospheric kiln
    • 15 Brent CXC electric potters wheels
    • 22" wide slab roller
    • Two Soldner clay mixers
    • Two extruders
    • Complete glaze area with a spray booth
  • /transfer
    Transfer Opportunities

    Students have successfully transferred to four-year institutions after completing the Ceramics program at HFC.

  • Participate in community events

    In recent years, Henry Ford College Ceramics students have taken part in:

    • Dearborn Homecoming
    • Wyandotte Art Fair
    • Henry Ford College Fall Pottery Boutique
    • The Annual Potters' Market
    • and other local events
  • MCAA Scholarship

    Three recent students have received the Michigan Ceramic Art Association Student Scholarship.

Student Testimonials

  • Denise Widen

    K-12 Educator, Woodhaven-Brownstown School District

    2016 Michigan Ceramic Art Association Student Scholarship Recipient

    HFC is a great place to learn about ceramics. There is a large variety of materials to explore in the studio. Support for your artistic journey comes from teachers and technical assistants present during lab times. Taking all levels of ceramics courses here will lead you to discover handbuilidng, wheel throwing, glazing and firing techniques. It is a great place to begin your artistic journey into the ceramic arts, no matter what your starting skill level.

  • Diane Eberts


    The Ceramics Program at HFC is equipped with a well furnished studio along with comprehensive instruction. The ceramics faculty and technicians are encouraging and sincerely want to help students develop their best work. This program has given me a meaningful focus and direction for my future years. Thank you, Henry Ford College!

  • Irene A. Naida


    HFC's Ceramics Program as afforded me the opportunity to learn the technical skills of wheel throwing and hand building ceramics. Moreover, I have had the surprising opportunity to study three dimensional form and stretch my creativity by developing my own style and design into my personal, marketable, pottery line. I would highly recommend this track to anyone serious about art.


Lists the faculty associated with this program and their contact information.
Name Credentials Email
Steven Glazer
FT Faculty - Ceramics
B.F.A., Eastern Michigan University*; M.A., Central Michigan University*; M.F.A., Central Michigan University*; M.F.A., Indiana State University sglazer@hfcc.edu