Student Success

Mohammad Turaani is smiling at camera wearing his Wayne State University cap and gown.

HawkStrong: Mohammad Turaani wants to be the voice of hope for patients as a physician

An excellent example of perseverance and resilience, HFC alumnus Mohammad Turaani has earned his associate and bachelor's degrees, and will enroll in med school this fall.
Carmen Hayes, wearing a pink tutu and white tank top, posing next to her Princess Nellie character illustration.

HawkStrong: Writing is Carmen Hayes’ voice to the world

Carmen Hayes found writing a therapeutic and creative outlet, and published several children's books even before completing her HFC degree.
Anthony Preston standing in front of a telescope

HawkStrong: Anthony Preston’s second chance fulfills his dream

HFC not only gave Anthony Preston a second chance, but also helped him find his career path and gave him the confidence to transfer to a major university.
Headshot of Dearborn Heights police officer Hassan Naji.

HawkStrong: alumnus Hassan Naji becomes Dearborn Heights Police Officer

HFC helped Hassan Naji to find a career that was best for him. He recently became an officer with the Dearborn Heights Police.
Asia Mohamed Al-Jalal in her graduation gown with her 9 year old son at her side.

HawkStrong: HFC instructor and alumna proudly earns her doctorate

The first in her family to earn bachelor's and master's degrees, Asia Mohamed Al-Jalal recently earned her doctorate (one of her 5 college credentials) and is a proud ELI instructor at HFC.
Kayla Kerr and Gabbie Kelly-Powell at the NFL Draft in downtown Detroit.

HFC Cisco students worked behind the scenes at the NFL Draft

HFC students Kayla Kerr and Gabbie Kelly-Powell represented the HFC Cisco program at the NFL Draft in Detroit by assisting behind the scenes.
Marc Salamat sitting in a black suit with a lilac dress shirt and tie, smiling and adjusting watch.

HawkStrong: Marc Salamat wins prestigious scholarship for the second time

Marc Salamat, who has won a prestigious Detroit Athletic Scholarship twice, aspires to a career in physical therapy.
Chardin Claybourne on the left and Soliman Touelh on the right.

HawkStrong: Soliman Touelh receives national Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Soliman Touelh wins the Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship and will transfer to U-M this fall.
Headshot of Ali Seblini in a black suit with grey plaid tie.

HawkStrong: Seblini named Outstanding Biology Student, aspires to medical career

Ali Seblini encourages students to pursue difficult subjects. This fall, he will transfer to U-M and hopes to become a doctor.
Rana Zeineddine and friend posing and smiling for a picture with school decor in the background.

HawkStrong: Aspiring teacher delves into the elementary school experience

Rana Zeineddine put in 100 service hours in at William Ford Elementary, more than double the amount required.
Heads shots of Zuri Jamal (l) and Sydney Lane (r)

Two HFC students nominated for prestigious Irene Ryan Excellence in College Acting Scholarship

Zuri Jamal and Sydney Lane are both nominated for the prestigious acting scholarship; Jamal for the second time in two years.
Portrait of Vanessa Newton, HFC nursing student.

HawkStrong: Vanessa Newton’s childbirth experience led her to choose nursing

Vanessa Newton’s experiences at HFC helped her develop skills across the spectrum of what it means to be a nurse.
Portrait of Lauren Miller.

HawkStrong: Lauren Miller’s dad is “my reason for nursing”

Miller was motivated to become a nurse as a teenager by helping care for her dying father, and by watching the nurses who helped ease his passing while bringing comfort to the family.
Portrait of Zynab Al-Timimi.

HawkStrong: HFEC student and Mirror News writer Zynab Al-Timimi aspires to medical career

Zynab Al-Timimi uses skills in writing, media, and art to augment her passion for medicine. This spring, she will complete her high school diploma and her associate degree.
A headshot of Anthony Stone, wearing a black suit, white shirt, and blue tie.

HawkStrong: Anthony Stone found his passion in journalism

Mirror News sports editor Anthony Stone had a “next-to-perfect” experience at HFC, where he changed majors several times before finding the path he loves.
HFC ophthalmology alumni, left to right, Kristen L. Cavazos, Rachel Jones, and Eric Smith

3 HFC graduates take on leadership roles in the rewarding field of ophthalmology

HFC alumni Kristen L. Cavazos, Rachel Jones, and Eric Smith showcase the reasons the Ophthalmic Tech program and its graduates are so successful.
Headshot of Kate Warden with short hair wearing red lipstick and a black beaded necklace.

HawkStrong: Katie Warden wins first place at Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 3

The Kennedy Center has recognized HFC student Katie Warden for her artistry in “The Passage.” She is one of several HFC students also awarded a Certificate of Merit.
Lea Zaytoun, with her brother Ali Zaytoun, with a holiday tree in the background.

HawkStrong: Lea Zaytoun, aspiring NASA engineer, encourages women to pursue tech careers

With her sights set on NASA, HFC alumna Lea Zaytoun encourages women to pursue careers in the engineering field and not to be afraid to aim high.
Portrait of Natalie Nichols.

HawkStrong: Alumna and current student Natalie Nichols strives to treat her patients like family

Still a graphic artist at heart, Nichols was inspired to become a nurse after a family member’s care experience. Now she strives to help patients brighten their worst days.
Adriana Sanchez who has long dark hair and wearing a white tee. To the right is the Pottery Making Illustrated magazine cover showing hands working with clay.

HawkStrong: alumna Adriana Sanchez’s artwork appears in national magazine

“Pottery Making Illustrated” highlighted alumna's artwork in a recent issue of the magazine.
Jerikiah Douglas on the left wearing a grey Henry Ford College hoodie and Mark Yancy on the right in a black blazer and blue T-shirt in front of the Detroit Promise logo.

HawkStrong: Detroit Promise made it possible for Jerikiah Douglas to attend HFC

Her experience at HFC has given Jerikiah Douglas skills, confidence, knowledge, networking experience, and big dreams of becoming a traveling nurse -- and all of it free, thanks to the Detroit Promise scholarship.
HFC student Andrew Cutting at the keyboard.

HawkStrong: HFC student Andrew Cutting makes music to make people feel happy

Andrew Cutting aspires to teach music at the college level and dreams of performing on Broadway.
Hassan Berry wearing a black button-down shirt in front of a pale blue background.

HawkStrong: HFEC student Hassan Berry aspires to start an architectural engineering firm

Carrying on a family tradition, Hassan Berry enrolled in the HFEC, which helped him find his passion in architectural engineering.
Portrait of Hawk basketball players Chansey Willis, Jr. and Damarion Bonds.

HawkStrong: Two Hawks sign with D1 schools for the 2024-25 season

Hawks Chansey Willis, Jr. and Damarion Bonds will be Mid-American Conference rivals for the 2024-25 season, signing with Western Michigan and Central Michigan.