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Are you looking for qualified talent with technical skills in electric operations, gas operations, construction, engineering, or other fields?

The Power and Trades Pathways program is designed to benefit the energy industry, by providing a steady pipeline of highly-skilled, work-ready employees.

The Henry Ford College Power and Trades Pathways program provides certificate and associate degree programs that prepare students for multiple career pathways in skilled trades such as electric operations, gas operations, construction, and engineering. The program includes learning lab experiences delivered by industry experts that give students hands-on exposure to apply what they are learning in class.

What skills do students have when they graduate?

A student who successfully completes the program will earn certification in First Aid/CPR, an OSHA 30-hour card, Energy Industry Fundamentals, and industry-specific certificates based on their career path (full course offerings are listed on back). Students will also receive training in basic electricity, blueprint reading, hand and power tools, project management, and health/endurance training.

Industry-specific training certificates include hands-on learning labs to allow students to become proficient in the tasks they will perform on the job.

The career pathways for the program are listed here.

Overview of all course listings by certificate and degree

Overview of Power and Trades Pathways course listings by certificate and degree

Electrical Technology Associate Degree

65 credits
Associate degree, full course listing


Power and Trades Pathways Core Certificate of Achievement

19 credits
Strength Training and Physical Conditioning
Basic Electricity (AC and DC)
Industrial Safety Awareness with First Aid
Energy Technology Project Management
Construction Blueprint Reading
Energy Industry Fundamentals
Hand & Power Tools
Industrial Applications of Basic Mathematical Principles

Pre-Apprenticeship: Natural Gas Distribution and Maintenance Operations

26 credits
Level One certificate
Customer Service
Natural Gas Transmission & Processing (Lab)
Heating Technology

Pre-Apprenticeship: Construction

21 credits
Level One certificate
Construction Systems 1
Construction Systems 2
Construction Estimating

COMING SOON: Energy Transmission and Distribution Technology

26 credits
Level One certificate
Substation Operation and Maintenance (Lab)
High Voltage Power Distribution
Overhead Distribution (Lab) or Underground Distribution (Lab)

If your company is interested in:

  • Recruiting graduates from the Power and Trades Pathways program
  • Becoming a partner to participate in working sessions to identify areas where the program can improve and meet your hiring needs
  • Donating decommissioned equipment
  • Identifying industry experts who can teach tomorrow's energy workers

Please contact:

Cassandra Myers, Program Manager