Smoke Free Campus

In 2017, Henry Ford College became smoke free and tobacco free at both campuses. HFC joined hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation that have taken this important step. Providing a smoke free campus promotes a healthy environment for all community members.

In Southeast and mid-Michigan, at least 10 universities and 7 community colleges now have smoke-free campuses, with more campuses joining the group every year.

Henry Ford College invites all community members who wish to reduce or quit smoking to visit the Smoking Resources page for more information and free, public tools that can help you transition to a smoke-free life.

Smoking Policy FAQs

Is the College requiring people to quit using tobacco products?
No. HFC requires that people who wish to smoke or use other tobacco products on campus do so in their own private vehicles.

Where will smokers be able to smoke when they are on campus?
As an entirely smoke-free college, there are no smoking areas either indoors or outdoors. Private vehicles are the only location in which smoking and tobacco use are permitted.

How does the College communicate this policy to visitors?
HFC has positioned signs around both campuses. This website also serves as an important resource. Reminders will be periodically issued through digital boards, social media and other channels. We ask that all members of the campus community help keep our campuses free of smoking and tobacco use. Over time, other smoke-free campuses have found that community compliance is the single most important factor in keeping the campus free from smoking.

Does the policy extend to contractors whose employees are temporarily working on College property?
Yes. The smoke-free policy applies to everyone on our campuses, including contractors and visitors.

How will the policy be enforced?
As we make people aware of the policy, our core goal is to achieve voluntary compliance. We ask that community members treat each other with respect and dignity. It is fine to mention the policy in a friendly, non-confrontational way, but if you see someone smoking, the best thing to do is often to say little or nothing about it, and allow the signage and educational campaigns to do their work. If there are "repeat offenders," or if you notice campus areas being used regularly for smoking, notify Campus Safety.

What happens if people violate the policy?
Visitors who do not abide by the policy will be reminded of its provisions. Students and employees are expected to abide by the policy in the same way they abide by all other campus policies. For students, serial violators will be addressed via the Student Conduct Code. For faculty and staff, employee conduct rules apply.

What resources are available if I want to quit smoking?
Henry Ford College provides a list of publicly-available resources to those who wish to quit smoking.

What if I have other questions?
Please contact Campus Safety regarding applications of the no-smoking policy.