HFC College Store

The College Store is HFC's primary source for all course-related materials. In addition to textbooks, the College Store provides the academic community with a wide selection of high quality goods and services including computer software, supplies, clothing and miscellaneous items . The College Store is owned and operated by Henry Ford College. Any excess revenue goes directly back to HFC to support other campus activities.

The College Store accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover, as well as HFC Gift Cards and financial aid. Students using financial aid, loans or scholarships for College Store purchases must present a current class schedule or award letter and picture ID for each purchase. Orders are also accepted online at The College Store.

Textbooks for courses being used at HFC may be sold back to the College Store for up to 50% of the current new book price through the Book Buy Back program. Even if certain textbooks are not in demand at HFC, the book buyer may offer a price based on national demand. Book Buy Back is held only during the week of final exams for the fall and winter semesters; spring and summer semester buy back dates vary. The College Store does not purchase books from students at any other time. Due to overstocks and edition/title changes, not all textbooks can be bought back. Workbooks are not eligible for the Book Buy Back program.

College Store Return Procedure

Should it be necessary to make an adjustment, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Students must have their cash register receipts. Refunds for purchases made with credit cards are issued a charge credit. Refunds for purchases made with a personal check may require a 10-day waiting period.

  2. Regardless of the date purchased, students have until the last day of the first week of classes to make a return on new or used textbooks. Refunds for new textbooks are issued only if they are in perfect condition, and free from any writing, stains, markings, or damage to the cover of binding.

  3. Textbook sales are final after the end of the first week of classes. Textbooks from classes dropped after the first week of classes are not eligible for return.

For additional information, please visit The College Store.