Gender Neutral Bathrooms

HFC is pleased to provide employees, students, visitors and community members access to single occupancy and gender neutral restrooms and facilities throughout the HFC main and East campuses. We are committed to providing the level of privacy and safety sought by our transgender students, employees and those who require these spaces due to disability-related or health-related issues.

Visitors can find these rooms at the following locations starting in January 2017. Please consult the map of campus if you need to find these locations.

Public Gender Neutral Bathroom Locations

Building B – Eshleman Library

  • B-123

Building E – Technology Building

  • E-157

Building J - Science Building

  • J-022
  • J-144

Building H - Athletic Memorial Building

  • H-210A

Building K - Reuther Liberal Arts Building

  • K-115
  • K-335

Building M - Student and Culinary Arts Center

  • M-115

Building N - Campus Safety

  • N-003

Building W - Welcome Center

  • W-106
  • W-206
  • W-307

East Campus - School of Nursing

  • SON-131
  • SON-148