Black Male and QUEENS Focus Group

Open to all HFC students, the Focus Group engages with the experiences of Black women and men worldwide while building leadership skills.

The Black Male and QUEENS (Quintessential Unique Essence of Ebony Necessary Sisters) Focus Group challenges and changes the accepted narrative regarding Black academic success.

We operate from a position of collective strength, rather than a deficit, to address the role, obligations, and necessity of Black manhood and womanhood in the academy and beyond. We are models of excellence who defy, critique, and improve prevailing images of Black men and women in the academy and throughout the world.

We provide an atmosphere where students are comfortable, and through strength, can learn to deal with discomfort. We expose them to opportunities within and outside HFC to help them academically and professionally. We help students navigate HFC and connect them with campus resources.

How can I get involved?

We host regular events on campus, and we invite all Black students to consider participating in the Focus Group. Meetings are open to anyone. Contact us for more information.

What resources are available to me?

  • Study tables during midterms and finals week each Fall and Winter semester
  • Multiple campus visits to four-year institutions including University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Ohio University, and more

The Focus Group exists to help advise and support HFC students. While some of our specific resources are listed below, we encourage students to contact the faculty advisors and communicate your needs or concerns of any nature.

Focus Group Office (Study and Collaborate)

The Focus Group office is available for students to come and study or use the resources available. We offer two computers and a printer for student use, as well as brochures and handouts from four-year institutions within and outside of Michigan.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Focus Group Food Pantry

The Focus Group Food Pantry is available for any HFC student during the hours the Focus Group Office is open. We have a variety of non-perishable food items and toiletries available for any student in need. This is an additional support for students who may be unable to use the HFC Hawks’ Nest or off-campus resources.

There are no rules or requirements to use the Focus Group Food Pantry. We simply ask that students be mindful of their peers who may also need food or items.

The Focus Group Food Pantry is located inside the Focus Group office, and is available during our hours of operation.

Workshops and Lectures

The Focus Group offers workshops and lectures presented by HFC faculty and staff and invited guests. These serve to educate and provide examples, as Focus Group students are encouraged to develop their own presentation skills. Below is a sample of topics from recent semesters:

  • The History of Kwanzaa
  • College Success
  • History of Jim Crow
  • Sociological Assessment of Racism in Sports
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Critical Autoethnography
  • The Normalcy of Racism
  • Racial Microaggressions in the Academy
  • Qualitative Research Methods (Critical Autoethnography)
  • College Preparation and Success
  • Practical Community Engagement
  • Introduction to Kawaida Philosophy

Focus Group Advisors

Contact Us

Chardin Claybourne, Lead Faculty, HFC Learning Lab

Dr. Kalvin Harvell, Professor of Sociology and Coordinator, Black Male and QUEENS Focus Group