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If you love to perform, build scenery, or direct, then HFC’s Theatre Arts program is for you. Our program is designed to provide you with a sound basis for understanding the theory and practice of the theatrical arts. By the time you finish our program, you will have the knowledge and experience to continue studying at a four-year theatre program or conservatory.

We offer more theatre classes than any two-year school in Michigan, as well as a robust, all-year theatrical season of four shows featuring classics, experimental, musical, contemporary, and devised productions. Through our classes and productions, you will gain knowledge and experience in a number of areas including acting, production management, scenery, lighting, sound, costuming, makeup, properties, special effects and technical support. You can also choose an advanced specialization (“mini major”) within the degree in the areas of technical theatre, acting, and directing.

All-year theatrical season

Four HFC productions a year!

Work Study Opportunities All Four Semesters
Hands on practical learning

In addition to HFC productions, students support many departmental dance and music concerts, and a variety of rental activities.

Student Testimonials

  • Jennifer Gazdecki

    Lighting Designer at Disney World

    HFC is a unique entryway into the world of professional entertainment. HFC has resources that even the large universities do not have.

  • Darrell Wheat

    Film & Digital Media Production Specialist at Paramount Pictures

    HFC Theatre allows students to explore many facets of theatre. HFC’s faculty and curriculum help students find their strengths and weaknesses. I found my dream and passion at HFC!

  • Angie Lai

    Theatre Production Manager at Concordia University in Ann Arbor

    HFC Theatre creates outstanding theatre for area residents. I still come back and help out on shows because of the wonderful faculty, casts, and crew.

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George Popovich
FT Faculty - Performing Arts
B.A., California State University, East Bay; M.A., University of Texas; Ph.D., Ohio State University
Edwin Bawal CSGL, Henry Ford College
Christopher Bremer
B.A., University of Detroit Mercy; M.A., University of Detroit Mercy
Mary Bremer-Beer