Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET)

About Our Program

The Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program at HFC is specifically designed to prepare you for automotive service and repair positions at Ford and Lincoln dealerships.

In partnership with Ford Motor Co., our program trains you to diagnose, service and maintain Ford and Lincoln vehicles using recommended procedures, special tools and Ford service publications. By the time you finish, you will have the skills necessary to solve complex problems through critical analysis, communicate difficult technical information to customers and colleagues, and gain entry-level employment in the automotive service industry.

We have partnered with Ford to provide you with a unique blend of classroom learning and practical experience. As the only program of its kind in the state of Michigan, ASSET allows you to earn an Associate Degree in Automotive Service Technology while receiving on-the-job training at a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln dealership. You will alternate between eight-week periods of classroom sessions and full-time dealership work. In this way, you will gain direct and immediate experience applying learned theory to a real-world setting, and become familiar with the dealership environment, its organizational structure and the competencies that are expected of a professional automotive technician.

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  • 24 full-time students

    HFC ASSET program is one of the largest in the Ford system and the only one of its kind in Michigan.

  • $10-15 starting wage

    Starting wage for ASSET graduates is between $10-$15 per hour. After years of experience and master certification, it can be upwards of $40 per hour.

  • Hands-on Experience
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Accredited by the NATEF

    National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation

  • one of the largest programs in the Ford System with 24 full-time students
  • Ford or Lincoln Dealership Co-op

    students are required to participate in a dealership co-op.

  • Certified by the ASE

    National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

  • Hands-on Experience

Student Testimonials

  • Rob Miller

    Certified Ford Technician

    2016 ASSET Graduate

    Before ASSET, I was fresh out of high school with no direction. All I knew is I enjoyed working on cars. When the opportunity to enroll in the ASSET program came about, it seemed like the perfect program to not only better my automotive skills but it was also a chance to gain a real college degree. Throughout the ASSET program I was employed by a Ford dealership and worked directly under technicians that had years in the business.

    The combination of the education I gained from the classroom and the real life experience I gained from working in the dealership was the best way to not only learn how to repair vehicles but learn how automotive systems worked. This in-depth knowledge is very important in the real world of automotive repair because a better understanding of a system saves time and effort when diagnosing a customer concern. Efficient diagnosis and repair is how technicians make money. Since graduating, I'm working for the dealership full-time. The certifications I earned means I'm qualified to work on any job that comes through the door. I am a confident Certified Ford Technician and I owe it all the the Ford ASSET program.

  • Robert Morantes


    ASSET Graduate

    During my time in the ASSET program, I was one of the oldest guys in the class. I had a pregnant wife and two kids and I was the sole provider for our family. We had to make major cutbacks to get me through the program, but we did it! And it was well worth it! Since graduating, I am employed full time as a mechanic at Hines Park Ford, I now make enough that my wife was able to quit her job to be home with our three kids, which was always a dream for us.

    I really enjoyed my time in the ASSET program. I developed almost a brotherhood with the other guys, most of which I still talk to regularly now. Mr. Young was a really great teacher. We are close in age but I have a ton of respect for him. I learned a lot from him, and really loved being in his class! Overall I had a great experience being in the HFC ASSET program, I had a great teacher, I developed many lasting friendships, and I now have a career in the automotive industry.

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Kristopher Young
FT Faculty - Automotive
A.A.S., Henry Ford College; B.A.S., Siena Heights University