Trade and Apprentice Faculty

Lists the faculty associated with this program and their contact information.
Patricia Chatman
Dean, School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development, Trade and Apprentice
B.S., Oakland University*; M.S., Central Michigan University*; Ph.D., Walden University 313-317-6603
Richard Cieslak
FT Faculty - Trades 313-845-6437
Wilbert McAlister
FT Faculty - Trades
A.A., Wayne County Community College* 313-317-1550
Kenneth Nichols
Project Manager, School of BEPD 313-317-6888
Glenn Wisniewski
FT Faculty - Trades
B.A.S., Siena Heights College; M.Sc.A., Central Michigan University-- 313-845-9794
Guy Pizzino
FT Faculty - Manufacturing Processes
B.S., Eastern Michigan University*; M.A., Eastern Michigan University* 313-845-6331
Roger Weekes
FT Faculty - Drafting
B.S., Jackson State University; M.S., Eastern Michigan University* 313-317-1582