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Promoting democracy through the development of civically literate and participatory youth

Democracy Institute Consortium

The Michigan Democracy Institute Consortium was formed in 2015 to promote Political and Civic Engagement in democratic and community affairs. American Democracy’s success requires informed engaged citizens to participate regularly in democratic and community affairs as a means of promoting citizen concerns and values to representatives.

The Consortium is an outgrowth of years of collaborations between partners representing numerous higher education institutions and voluntary associations in Michigan. The success of the consortium is based on the numerous individuals who see the goals of democratic education and engagement as something essential to American life.

Recent News

Partner Organizations

Potential new partners should focus on nonpartisan issue examination, political education and civic engagement as this is the cornerstone of the Michigan Democracy Institute Consortium. The Consortium aims to annually host events that promote political knowledge and engagement and will support the partners by supporting members as needed with related events and activities that meet the mission of the Consortium.

To get involved or partner with the Michigan Democracy Consortium contact:

Anthony Perry, Director, 313-845-6383