Crime Definitions

The following crime definitions are part the requirements of the Campus Crime and Security Awareness Act of 1990. These definitions are as they appear in the act and refer to those crimes as required to be included in the Annual Security Report. The statistical report is included on these web pages and/or can be obtained at the Office of Campus Safety in the Learning Technology Center on Main Campus and at the main business office at the School of Nursing and MTEC Campuses.

Arson: To unlawfully and intentionally damage, or attempt to damage, any real or personal property by fire or incendiary device.

Aggravated Assault: An unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. This type of assault is usually accomplished by the use of a weapon or by means likely to produce death or great bodily harm. It is not necessary that injury results from an aggravated assault when a gun, knife, or other weapon is used which could and probably would result in serious personal injury if the crime were successfully completed.

Burglary: The unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft.

Larceny - Theft: Larceny - Theft is the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another.

Motor Vehicle Theft: The theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle.

Criminal Homicide-Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter: The willful (non-negligent) killing of one human being over another.

Negligent Manslaughter:The killing of another person by gross negligence.

Robbery: The taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.

Sex Offense-Forcible: Any sexual act directed against another person forcibly and/or against that person/s will where the victim is incapable of giving consent.

Drug Abuse Violation: Violations of State and local laws relating to the unlawful possession, sale, use, growing, manufacturing, and making or narcotic drugs including marijuana.

Liquor Law Violation: The violations of laws or ordinances prohibiting the manufacture, sale, transport, furnishing, possessing or intoxicating liquor: maintaining unlawful drinking places, bootlegging: operating a still: furnishing liquor to minors, or using a vehicle for the illegal transporting of liquor.

Weapon Possession Violation: The violations of laws or ordinances prohibiting the manufacture, sale, transport, furnishing, possessing , carrying of deadly weapons and all attempts to commit any of the aforementioned.

Hate Crimes: Any crime involving bodily injury in which the victim is intentionally selected because of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.