Camp Henry

For a summer camp experience that could change your child’s future, consider Camp Henry – an exciting, affordable camp experience with many options in STEAM topics and sports.

Our STEAM camps provide hands-on learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Camp Henry gives kids and teens an early start in exploring high-demand career paths, while developing important skills and talents.

Camp Henry also offers sports camps to strengthen and improve the skills of middle school and high school athletes. All camps are non-residential (daytime only), and most are four or five days long. Camp Henry is fun, rewarding, and affordable.

Keep an eye open for Summer 2019 camps, which will be finalized in spring 2019

STEAM up your summer! More details for next summer will appear in this location in Spring 2019.

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Workforce and Professional Development
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Camps that were offered in 2018

For review only: The list of camps will be updated for summer 2019

Arts and Entertainment

Art Around the World

At this hands-on camp, campers will explore art from different regions of the world using traditional techniques. Campers will explore art from all continents and a range of time periods while gaining experience in different methods of art making, including Middle Eastern patterns, African Folk art, Japanese prints, and more. Explore the different styles of art in a fun and exciting classroom environment! A gallery exhibition will show off the work of campers at the end of the session.

Fantasy Character Design

Develop the characters of your wildest imagination. Students will be introduced to anatomy basics and create a fantasy character based on facial expression, character development, and lighting. The class will discuss and add visual cues that enhance the narrative of the character. Campers will be encouraged to draw inspiration from contemporary characters in movies, video games and/or anime, as well as incorporate science fiction or fantasy elements within their work. A gallery exhibition will show off the work of class participants at the end of the final class session.

Full Circle Dance Camp

Come dance with us! The Director of the Henry Ford College Full Circle Dance Company will lead you in daily contemporary modern dance technique, yoga, and choreography classes. You will be taught in Full Circle Dance Company repertoire movement and have the opportunity to make your own dances. You will perform on the HFC Adray Auditorium stage in an evening collaborative performance with theatre, music, and visual arts.

Getting Down and Dirty with Clay

Let’s get down and dirty with some clay! Campers will be using clay as the medium to explore both functional and sculptural ideas. We will be making imaginary creatures, busts based on the human head and a set of mugs to take home. Campers’ masterpieces will be displayed at a gallery exhibition on the last day of class.

HFC Media Camp

Make your mark on the world of media and have loads of fun in the process! Campers get a front row seat to learn about the magic of film and television, how a real radio station works, the art of telling a story or delivering news through the written script, and a number of performance techniques including character voices, newscasts, and interviews. Students will get hands-on opportunities to experience what their favorite actors, writers, editors, directors, newscasters, and DJs do in the media field, from writing scripts, shooting footage, lighting, and editing to performing commercials, news and improve on camera and the radio. Campers may even make an appearance on our award-winning radio station, WHFR-FM.

HFC Vocal Power

Sing, Sing, Sing!! Perform and record group and solo vocals in all styles, including Classical, Pop, and Jazz. Rehearsals, studio recording sessions, and live public performance with Kevin Dewey. This will be a fun, energetic, and rewarding experience! A special arrangement of a pop hit will be crafted especially for this group. Each participant will receive a CD of their performance.

Let’s Act

Learn how to act by doing! We aim to connect that excitement and energy for the stage by giving you the chance to do it like the pros. Theatre games, improv, voice, movement, and scene study will guide you toward your dreams. Whether you have acting experience, have done short films with your friends or are just starting, you can deepen your training by studying with our professional actors and directors. Campers will display their new skills in a performance for family and friends on the last day of camp!

Zine Zone- Graphic Design

Develop and improve your graphic design skills while learning Adobe Photoshop. During this four day camp, students will be introduced to a new way of creatively expressing themselves! The camp will focus on ZINES, but also friendship, communication, and documenting the world around us. After learning about zines, campers will use photos, sketches, words, paint, stamps and other tools to create a personal zine that will be copied and traded with students. Daily activities include drawing from nature, observation, and imagination. Campers will explore the natural settings around the campus to find inspiration. Photoshop will be used to create digital compositions which will be gathered into a printed class zine, designed by the students. A gallery will showcase individual student works at the end of the event and provide a view into the Zine Zone.

Athletic / Sports Camps

All Skills Youth Baseball Camp

This camp is designed to sharpen baseball skills for Little League players at the elementary and middle-school levels. The camp will focus on throwing, hitting, pitching, base running and defensive (infield, outfield, and catching) drills and instructions. The camp is hosted by Coach Tim Leighton and Henry Ford College Baseball players, led by All-Conference Team members, will serve as camp assistants. Players will have fun while improving their skills playing the sport they love!

All Skills Youth Softball Camp

This camp is designed to sharpen softball skills for Little League players at the elementary and middle-school levels. The camp will focus on throwing, hitting, pitching, base running and defensive (infield, outfield, and catching) drills and instructions. The camp is hosted by Henry Ford College Softball Coach Steve Brown. Area youth softball coaches and Henry Ford College student athletes, led by MCCAA All-Conference players will serve as camp assistants.

Henry Ford College Baseball Prospect Camp

The camp is designed for high school juniors and seniors to be evaluated by Henry Ford College coaches to be considered to join the Hawks. Eight players from the last year’s Prospect Camp were offered a roster spot and/or an athletic scholarship. Henry Ford College based players have been drafted by Major League Baseball teams and are often recruited to play at 4 year institutions around the country. Coach Tim Leighton host the Henry Ford Prospect Camp. Coach Leighton has completed three years as the Head Coach of the baseball team and also serves as Associate Scout with Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres.

High School All Skills Volleyball Camp

At the All Skills camp players will learn/improve volleyball specific skills - emphasizing serving, passing, setting, blocking, attacking, and defense - through fun drills and team play. The camp will be hosted by Coach Rosemary Motamedi who leads the Henry Ford College women’s volleyball team and also serves as Director of Dynasty Volleyball Club. Players entering 9-12 grades interested in improving their volleyball skills are encouraged to participate.

Little Hawks Basketball

The camp is designed to develop fundamental basketball skills for youth. Each camper will have a chance to learn key defense, shooting and ball handling skills. The campers will also participate in team competition. The camp is hosted by Henry Ford College men basketball Coach Chris Shepard. Henry Ford College assistant coaches, student athletes led by MCCAA All- Conference players, will serve as camp assistants. Players will have fun while improving their skills playing the sport they love.

Middle School All Skills Volleyball Camp

Campers will learn fundamental volleyball skills including setting, bumping, blocking, attacking, passing and working as a team in an exciting and supportive environment. The camp is designed for beginning to experienced players. The camp will be hosted by Coach Rosemary Motamedi who leads the Henry Ford College women’s volleyball team and also serves as Director of Dynasty Volleyball Club!

Softball Prospect Camp

Interested in playing softball at Henry Ford College? The prospect camp gives high school sophomores, juniors and seniors an opportunity to be evaluated by Henry Ford College coaches to be considered to join the Hawks. Roster spots and/or an athletic scholarships may be offered during the Prospect Camp. Players will receive evaluations regarding their overall performance and skill level.

Wrestling Training Center

Henry Ford College will host a training center for wrestlers during April, May, and June. Participants will learn the Hawks Wrestling System from Coach Grant Mackenzie. Coach Makenzie has coached 24 national championships qualifiers, 6 Academic All- Americans and 2 All- Americans during his five-year stint heading as the HFC wrestling Coach. Also, Coach Mackenzie is a two-time Great Lakes Region Coach of the Year honoree.

Culinary (Food) Camps

Camp 5101 Baking Skills

Cave in to your sweet tooth! This course is a continuation of the Culinary Kids Camp and dedicated to students with a passion for baking and pastry. Students learn the art of baking through a wide variety of hands-on activities. Students will prepare treats in a professional kitchen and will be introduced to baking fundamentals, such as safety, sanitation, measurements, cookies, quick breads, yeast breads, and various desserts.

Camp 5101 Culinary Camp

This introductory course teaches students the basic aspects of cooking through a wide variety of hands-on activities. Students will prepare dishes in a professional kitchen and will be introduced to kitchen fundamentals, such as safety, sanitation, and different cooking methods. Initiatives include farm to fork, nutrition and healthful eating, a day in the bake shop, and kids taking over the kitchen.

STEM Camps

Arduino Gadgets

Do you like building gadgets? Do you like turning your ideas into real devices? Then the Arduino Gadgets Camp is for you! Minicomputers, micro-controllers, control systems, sensors…electrical components, programming, and mechanical setup of a prototype…it’s all part of the fun! Learn to create a small autonomous car that can collect information from its environment via sensors and avoid obstacles using a control system that YOU program. Join us for this fun, engaging, and educational three-day experience that will introduce you to the exciting world of engineering.

Astronomy Camp

Astronomy Camp is a two day camp where students will be observing and learning about the Sun and the Sky using telescopes. They will also use the Henry Ford College planetarium to learn about the stars and constellations, use star maps and for other hands-on activities. Students will build telescopes that they will be able to take home. Other activities include constellation posters, making star maps, a solar system scavenger hunt and planetarium shows.

CyberPatriot Camp

CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program with a focus on computer operating systems, networking, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. On the final day of CyberPatroit week, Camp Henry middle and high school students will participate in a National Cyber Defense Competition. During the competition, IT professional volunteers and students are tasked with managing the network of a small company. A set of virtual images representing an operating system is assigned. Each team must find cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and protect the system while maintaining critical services over a six-hour period.

Environmental Science and Biology

Campers will experience three days of adventures into the science involved in the natural world around us. Campers will get an opportunity to explore rain and roof gardens, forest surveying, water testing, aquatic organism identification, and few issues of environmental concern. There will be a special focus on environmental sustainability and how students can take what we are teaching them and impact the future of our world. Campers will surely leave camp on the final day with a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world around them.

Forensic Science Camp

Are you fascinated with forensic science? Are you interested in how crimes are solved? Have you ever wondered what really happens to the evidence collected from a crime scene and how that evidence can be used to solve a crime? Experience forensic science and crime scene investigation (CSI) first hand during a three-day Forensic Science Camp. Discover how hidden evidence is uncovered through careful observation, detection, and collection, and learn about current forensic science techniques used to interpret evidence such as fingerprints, blood typing, DNA, and handwriting analysis.