Student Council

2013-14 Elections for Representatives


The election for representatives to HFC’s Student Council will be held November 4-8, 2013. Students may cast their votes via an online voting system. On-campus computers dedicated for Student Council voting are located in the Welcome Center (Lab B) and in the Learning Lab (second floor of the Learning Resources Center).

The online voting system is now open:


Briana Soto
I would be honored to be a part of Student Council because of the involvement this organization has in the school. I was part of my high school student council during my junior and senior years. If I could be a small part of making a difference in student life on campus, then I have done something amazing. To my friends and fellow classmates, I am a resource. I help them with work assigned to us and if they miss class, they know to contact me to give them missed assignments. I am very hard working and organized. I am very proficient in getting things done in a timely manner. I ask that the Advisory Board please keep me in mind to become a 2013-14 candidate.
Zainab Al Washah
I am interested in being the voice of the students at Henry Ford Community College. I am seeking education in pre-pharmacy because it is mainly focused on helping people. Giving back to society is my defined life goal. During my position on Student Council, I would like to focus on the lack of communication between staff and students.

Purpose of HFC's Student Council

  • To enhance the quality of student life through effective representation of the HFC student body.
  • To provide an organized means of expression for HFC students.
  • To represent the students’ perspective on various College committees as they pertain to students’ interests.

Announcements and Events

Please revisit this page for updates and announcements.


If there are any issues that you would like to bring to Student Council's attention, please call (313) 317-1574 or email