Office of Corporate Training

Established in 1986, as the College's economic development unit, the Corporate Training Division expands workforce skills, retrains employees in new work fields or new technologies, and supports economic development through the provision of educational services to business and industry. The division responds to business and industry requests by designing learner-centered educational offerings that are affordable, flexible, and customer-specific. These work-based educational programs are financed by contract with the employer or through private or public sources.

Types of Training

Training is offered in credit or non-credit forms, or through seminars granting continuing educational units (CEU’s). Work and learning skills assessment and the development of multi-agency learner support systems are some of the comprehensive services available through Corporate Training. Classes are taught at either College or company facilities. The use of work specific tools and equipment is encouraged in training and education projects. Corporate Training also co-manages an advanced CAD/CAM/CAE training facility.

Six Sigma Training - "Get Lean"

Southeastern Michigan community colleges are helping small businesses access technical and organizational skills training, and use Lean Process Training. We’ve combined with other community colleges to make this state-of-the-art training available on an affordable basis to small businesses. Click here to get started today!

Work-Based Technological Literacy

Bridge to Advanced Technological Skills and Education This National Science Foundation - ATE funded project developed program models and teaching tools for people that are educationally under-prepared, but otherwise well suited for advanced technology manufacturing occupations. For more information go to the University of Illinois-Chicago Web site.

The Detroit Manufacturing Bridge at Henry Ford College: Learning Tools for Work and Education These program and teaching tools are targeted to help working students develop manufacturing technology literacy as well as refine learning skills for future learning. Over 100 learning modules, interdisciplinary program strategy descriptions, a Reader on Work, and The Bridge Rationale about building the program with community support for the non-traditional college student are all on line. Click here for more information.

Michigan Students & Technology Literacy The Michigan Initiatives in Learning Technology (MILT) is an education and business collaboration to adapt and implement the learning materials developed by the National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL), Museum of Science, Boston. For more information contact Gary Saganski ([ Learn more about the NCTL...

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