First-Rate Honors Program/Student Scholars

Student Work Presented at LAND Conference

Five HFCC students were named Student Scholar Award Recipients at the 2014 Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) Conference. Each year, LAND seeks to develop and promote a network for strengthening liberal arts education across all of Michigan’s 28 community colleges.

LAND sponsors five student competitions to recognize outstanding student work in the liberal arts: creative writing, illustration, fine arts, and digital literacy. Five HFCC students – Imane Rhaleb, Angela Grahl, Steffani Traskos, Jason Lucas, Ben Topping – earned recognition for their research papers, which will be published this summer in the LAND Journal. Additionally, Rhaleb, Traskos, and Topping won a $100 cash award for placing second, whereas Lucas won $150 for placing first.

Graduate receives Harvard University Presidential Scholarship

HFCC Henry Ford II Honors Graduate Ardeta Gjikola (Class of 2005) received a Presidential Scholarship from Harvard University in 2008. She was also a recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. After graduating from HFCC, Ardeta completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Michigan in 2007.

HFCC Ceramics Students Receive Scholarships and Recognition

Two HFCC ceramics students, John Antczak and Angela Carter, received $500 scholarships from the Michigan Ceramic Arts Association. This award is to encourage students to further their ceramics education and to continue on to a career in ceramic arts or ceramics industries, and/or the teaching of ceramics arts.