Learn how to help student veterans

CGI render of a person in a green shirt

No matter how much you know about student veterans and how to help them, the new Veterans on Campus online training module will enhance your understanding, competence, and comfort with speaking to student veterans about their lives, successes, challenges, and goals. It will also help you make sure you know when, how, and where to refer veterans for different kinds of assistance.

You can spend anywhere from a few minutes to hours learning more about veterans who have chosen to enroll in college courses. This is a very important population for Henry Ford College, and we encourage everyone who works with students to take this program!

The Consortium of Michigan Veterans Educators (CMVE) has purchased a two-year agreement with Kognito, licensing all Michigan-based public colleges and universities, including HFC, for free, unlimited on-campus use of the Veterans on Campus online training module. This module is aimed toward improving faculty/staff military cultural competencies.

As a bonus, you can help HFC become a leader among colleges serving veterans. CMVE has set a goal of 5,000 training module competitions across Michigan before the agreement ends mid-June 2018. If HFC hits a target based on its share of student enrollment numbers, we will be rewarded a $500 student veteran challenge grant to support military-connected students. To participate, go to https://micmve.org/kognito-veterans-on-campus/.

Questions: Contact Bob James (rjames@hfcc.edu).