HawkMail Reminder

Students, a friendly reminder about your HawkMail.

To help you organize your College experience and insure that you receive all important updates regarding courses, information from faculty and staff, and activities at HFCC, the College has created HawkMail for your use. HawkMail is a free email account designed for you and powered by Google. HFCC will now send all College-related information to your HawkMail account. It is important that you sign in, answer a few standard Google Gmail questions, and begin using HawkMail today.

Some of the information you will receive in your HawkMail inbox includes details on registration, financial aid and payment notices, class information, appointment reminders, program information and graduation notifications. PLEASE NOTE: Faculty are currently sending all course-related information to your HawkMail account. Thus, if you are not checking HawkMail, you are not receiving material you need to be successful in class.

Get started with HawkMail by going to https://my.hfcc.edu/ and clicking the HawkMail link. Your account and password are the same as your regular HFCC username and password. Full details on HawkMail are available at https://my.hfcc.edu/about/hawkmail.

As a reminder, HawkMail became the College’s official communication method with students October 20, 2013. Please register today to stay on top of your courses and HFCC-related information!

Thanks again for enrolling at HFCC! We look forward to helping you achieve your educational and career goals!