Michelangelo Molinari found his voice at HFC

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Michelangelo Molinari is wearing a hoodie and taking a selfie with his horse Smoke.

Attending HFC helped Michelangelo Molinari find his path in life.

“I think college is a place where students get to have a voice. For many students, they do not get to experience that until college. As an older student, I felt here’s where I get to say what I want to say. I really took advantage of that,” explained Molinari, of Dearborn.

For the 2023-24 academic year, Molinari served as chair of HFC’s Student Council. He succeeded Kat Peter, who served as chair for four years.

“I felt intimidated because I wasn’t sure what I was doing,” confessed Molinari, laughing. “Plus, Kat stayed on the Council as a rep. If I needed help or assistance, Kat was always there.”

In his year as chair, Molinari is proud of his accomplishments, which include:

  • Establishing the Hawk Hub on the first floor in the Reuther Liberal Arts Building (Building K on the main campus), a student-led peer-to-peer help center providing a friendly face for fellow students on an individual level.
  • The April 2024 basketball tournament between students and employees.
  • Bringing therapy dogs to campus during finals weeks at the various “Good Luck on Finals” stations.
  • Throwing a pizza party during finals week.
  • Hosting “Hot Chocolate with Student Council” during Welcome Back Days.
  • Establishing on-the-floor office hours, where Student Council officers walked around the campus and talked to students, reaching more students than they would have otherwise reached, surveying their experiences at HFC.

“I’m especially proud of the basketball tournament and the Hawk Hub. I took the lead in setting up the basketball tournament and was really proud of how that turned out,” said Molinari. “I really enjoyed being engaged with the students on campus. That was huge because it let them know Student Council existed and was here for them.”

Incredibly supportive faculty made attending HFC a pleasure

The eldest of four, Molinari was born in Oceanside, CA. His father was stationed at Camp Pendleton during his time in the United States Marine Corps. His family moved to Michigan when he was 2.

Molinari is a 2007 alumnus of Pinconning High/Middle School in Bay County. He worked as a supervisor at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island for one summer. He was a manager for half of the six years he worked at McDonald’s. He currently works at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn.

“After a relationship I was in ended, I reflected on the views and the beliefs I was holding,” recalled Molinari. “After much soul-searching, I found a greater interest in returning to school.”

So he enrolled at HFC. Molinari earned his associate degree in liberal arts from HFC in 2022 (his younger sister Bianca is also an HFC graduate). After graduating, he reenrolled at HFC and studied chemistry. This fall, he will transfer to the University of Michigan-Dearborn and continue his education. He hopes to become a therapist.

“Over the 10 years I attended HFC, the best part has been the faculty. They have been amazing. I found them to be incredibly supportive,” he said.

So many opportunities; so little time

During his time at HFC, Molinari was very active on campus.

“I adore Michelangelo's positivity and energy. We were fortunate to have him as chair of Student Council. Michelangelo is delightful to be around, talk to, and always makes me smile. He wants HFC to be a better place for all students; he brings that energy to every activity in which he participates. Student Council came up with some terrific ideas while he was there,” said faculty advisor Vicki Shepherd.

HFC English instructor Ruth Ann Schmitt enjoyed having Molinari in her class.

“Michelangelo is eclectic, a Renaissance guy,” said Schmitt. “He plays the French horn and the trombone, enjoys horseback riding, teaches Zumba, and served as the chair of Student Council. His natural understanding of connection and his ability to seek out or create community has impressed me. He is a standout and makes HFC unique.”