Release Date: 
Thursday, March 16, 2023

HawkStrong: Matthew Burns on the path to a high-performance vehicle career

A headshot of Matt Burns.

HFC student Matthew Burns has turned his lifelong passion for cars into a promising career at LaFontaine Honda in Dearborn.

Burns, a lifelong Wyandotte resident, began at LaFontaine in 2022 as a porter. In early 2023, he was promoted to service advisor.

“I advise customers about the best maintenance plan for the longevity of their vehicle’s life,” said Burns. “I’m always trying to get customers to understand that maintenance on their vehicle is necessary for it to last.”

Focus on cybersecurity and CIS

The eldest of three sons, Burns graduated from Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte. He was a wrestler all four years. He continued his wrestling career at HFC, where he is currently working on his associate degree in cybersecurity and computer information systems. His younger brother, Michael, is also attending HFC.

“HFC had affordable tuition, the degree I wanted to pursue, and was local. I went to HFC during the height of the pandemic. The only time I was on campus was for wrestling practice and meets. Even taking all my courses online, I believe the education I got at HFC is highly valuable. It prepared me for my career in ways I would never have expected,” recalled Burns.

He spoke highly of Coach Grant MacKenzie.

“I would vouch for any wrestler to go to HFC and wrestle for this man.”

MacKenzie is proud of his student.

“Matthew was a great teammate, very supportive of his fellow wrestlers,” said MacKenzie.

Great place to get your start

After getting injured his first year on the wrestling team, Burns focused on academics.

“HFC is a great place to start your college education,” said Burns. “It’s very affordable for you to attend. The College has many programs that help you get where you want to be. And all the athletic programs do very well, not just the wrestling team.”

As Burns works his way up through the automotive industry, his career goal is to open a private shop with high performance vehicles.

“I enjoy seeing a new set of faces daily with some of the best coworkers you could ask for,” said Burns. “LaFontaine has been an award-winning dealership since 2014. This company and this dealership itself has been an amazing place to work. I really enjoy the people who work with me.”