Release Date: 
Sunday, March 19, 2023

HawkStrong: Fayad joins Dearborn Education Foundation Board of Directors

Headshot of Dan Fayad.

HFC alumnus Dan Fayad, general manager of Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn, is one of two people recently elected to the Dearborn Education Foundation Board of Directors.

“My biggest goal as a member of the Board of Trustees is to give back to the community and make the most meaningful contribution to the education of local students,” said Fayad, of Dearborn.

Fayad and Sabrina Evans, owner of Alpha One Agency, a Detroit-based insurance provider, both began 3-year terms. They will serve as advocates for the Foundation, advancing its policies and programs.

Making a meaningful contribution to students’ education

“I am excited to see Dan Fayad join our Board of Directors, as he was very hands-on before becoming a member and that is just what we need,” said Foundation Executive Director Chastity Townsend.

Founded in 1992, the Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fund innovative programs, ensuring that all students in the Dearborn Public Schools reach their full potential. Through a private donor base of individuals, businesses, and foundations, the money raised covers classroom and extracurricular materials and projects, including books, musical instruments, microscopes, computers, athletic equipment, art projects, and student competitions that might otherwise go unfunded.

“I wanted to join the Board of Trustees primarily because the Foundation plays a very important role in improving education in our community and making a positive impact on the lives of students and teachers,” said Fayad.

“HFC provides a great quality education and career preparation”

Born in Queens, NY, Fayad moved to Dearborn when he was 9. He is the sixth of seven children. An alumnus of Fordson High School, Fayad earned his associate degree in criminal justice from HFC (then called Henry Ford Community College), where two of his older brothers also attended.

“HFC was a fairly easy decision for me at the time,” said Fayad. “The biggest factor was due to already being enrolled in classes that were part of the dual enrollment program offered through Dearborn Public Schools. Another deciding factor was the cost savings and the proximity to my family.”

He continued: “HFC provides a great quality education and career preparation, especially for anyone seeking a degree in law enforcement. The faculty had a wealth of knowledge and experience that was unmatched by any other local college.”

Fayad spoke about what inspired him to go into law enforcement.

“My father was in the military, and so was one of my brothers. My eldest brother is a police officer in the New York Police Department,” he said. “Growing up, that’s what I was used to being around and experiencing. At 14, I joined the Dearborn Police Explorers Post 1177. That’s where my passion for law enforcement and criminal justice really grew.”

Hard work and perseverance lead to success

Fayad began his career at Fairlane in 2011, starting as a security officer. In 2014, he became the assistant security director. In 2015, he began working as a police authority officer for the Detroit Medical Center in addition to his job at Fairlane. From 2015-18, he worked two full-time jobs.

In 2018, he left DMC and became the security director at Fairlane, overseeing nearly 50 employees. In 2019, the Vice President of Property Management at Starwood Retail Partners (the company that formerly owned Fairlane) recruited Fayad to join the management team. He moved to Cleveland and San Francisco, managing shopping centers in those two cities before returning to Fairlane as the general manager in late 2021.

“As a first generation Arab-American from a big family, we all knew that hard work and perseverance is what makes you successful,” said Fayad. “Not one of us had any handouts. My father instilled in us that we must work hard to get what we want because we will never receive them without working for them. His inspiration to my relatives and me ensured that none of us fell short of tremendous successes. It taught us that the path to success is long but with hard work, determination, passion, and motivation, climbing the ladder to success is gratifying and well-deserved. Always push yourself and never allow anyone to stop you.”