Release Date: 
Friday, September 24, 2021

Jacob Krogol promoted to Director of Institutional Research and Business Intelligence

A headshot of Jacob Krogol.

After a year serving as Interim Director of Institutional Research and Business Intelligence, Jacob Krogol has been promoted to this position on a permanent basis. A national search was conducted, and Krogol emerged as the top candidate.

“It feels surreal, but I’m so excited. I wasn’t necessarily expecting this opportunity, and at first I wasn’t sure I was the right guy. However, the outpouring of support from my colleagues across the College and the faith my teammates had kept me going and erased my doubts,” said Krogol, who lives in Allen Park with Amanda, his wife of 11 years, and their two daughters: Abigail, 6, and Evelyn, 2.

14 years at the College

Krogol, an HFC alumnus, has spent his professional career at the College, first as a co-op student, then a contractor through Enertron LLC, and finally as a full-time HFC employee since 2007. He worked in Data and Voice as a technician and then on the Web Team as a web developer before moving to Institutional Research (IR), where he has been since 2017.

“Our role is taking the information the College generates and putting it together to make it more useful for everyone,” said Krogol.

In this position, Krogol reports to Dr. Lori Gonko, HFC Vice President of Strategy and Human Resources.

“Jacob was the ideal person to lead IR as the interim director during this last year marked by the pandemic. His calm, warm demeanor enabled him to excel in the role during a challenging time. I look forward to working with him as the permanent director as we reimagine the future of institutional research at HFC,” said Gonko. “I am confident that Jacob has the technical background and soft skills needed to succeed in the role and will continue to be an asset to the IR department. He is a great example of the College investing in our internal employees and encouraging their growth.”

HFC was the best choice

An alumnus of Woodhaven High School in Brownstown Charter Township, Krogol continued his education at HFC (then Henry Ford Community College). He graduated from HFC, earning his associate degree in computer information systems (CIS). Krogol later transferred to Eastern Michigan University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in technology management.

“I came to the College because I wasn’t 100 percent sure what I wanted to do in my career. Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, it didn’t make sense to go to a four-year college or university. I took the time to figure out where I was going. Coming here gave me the freedom and the means to get started. To me, HFC is still the best choice when it comes to community colleges in the region,” he said.

Initially, Krogol thought he would go into secondary education and teach computer programming at the high school level. However, he realized he liked working computers too much and decided to make that his career instead of teaching.

Making positive change happen

As he begins his new position, he spoke about his long-term goals.

“We want to provide information and make it accessible to everyone,” said Krogol. “I want to foster a culture where people are excited about data and measuring its effectiveness across the institution. Data is nothing to be afraid of. Data helps us make the best decisions to support students.”

His duties include:

  • Supervising reporting activities, including external compliance and accountability reporting, as well as internal benchmarking
  • Maintaining the tools used to access information such as WebFOCUS and Tableau
  • Working with stakeholders at all levels to identify data needs
  • Synthesizing, analyzing, and interpreting data to help the College achieve its mission
  • Keeping current on trends and research in higher education
  • Managing and directing the team that makes it all happen

“As far as the biggest challenges go, we used to joke in Information Technology Services that both the best and worst part of working with technology is that it’s always changing,” said Krogol. “In this office, not only do we work with technology, but we also must keep current on new and changing reporting requirements, trends in higher education, and the variety of initiatives and projects we undertake at the College. There’s always something new coming, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this team can accomplish.”

He continued: “It’s a great honor that HFC has put its faith and trust in me to help steer the ship. I’m looking forward to assisting the College in doing the best it can for its students. It’s not a responsibility I take lightly.”

For Krogol, the best part about working at HFC is the people, hands down.

“I have been fortunate to have spent my career working with people from all walks of life, from all the different offices across the campus,” he said. “I love the people here. I consider my close colleagues a part of my family. By working closely with them, I have seen firsthand the possibilities when working together to make positive change happen.”