Release Date: 
Wednesday, September 8, 2021

HFC welcomes Michael Sepulveda

Michael Sepulveda (pictured here with his wife, Susanna) is the new Academic Affairs Assistant for the HFC School of Liberal Arts (SoLA).
Michael Sepulveda (pictured here with his wife, Susanna) is the new Academic Affairs Assistant for the HFC School of Liberal Arts (SoLA).

For two years, Michael Sepulveda has been working in higher education. He says he hasn’t had a bad day yet.

Sepulveda started at HFC this summer as Academic Affairs Assistant for the School of Liberal Arts. He reports to Robert Yahrmatter, Associate Dean of SoLA. His duties include assisting Yahrmatter and Larry Smyrski, Dean of SoLA, as well as helping students.

“Michael is a great addition to our administrative support team. He is absorbing information like a sponge. I look forward to having him in SoLA for a long time,” said Yahrmatter.

A native of Grand Rapids, Sepulveda is the oldest of six children, including his twin brother, Isaiah, by two hours. He graduated from Grand River Preparatory High School in Kentwood, which heavily focused on preparing students for higher education. He attended Grand Valley State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Enthusiasm for employee and student success

“It’s funny, I first started working at GVSU in the housing department to help pay off my expenses. After the first week, I discovered that I loved the work. I cared about the work, the students, my fellow staff members, and the university a great deal. From then on, I strived to find a position where I could do that again. I hope to do HFC a great service by working here,” said Sepulveda, who lives in Farmington Hills with his wife, Susanna.

“At GVSU, I was assistant to the Housing Director and found the work to be beneficial to the school and myself. Not only did I help with the function of the school, this position greatly enhanced my interpersonal skills by talking in person, by phone, and by email with a wide variety of people. Eventually, many students and staff got to know me and would take time out of their day to come see me and talk or wait for my shift to start to get help specifically from me concerning their problems. And so, when I saw that HFC was hiring for a position that would allow me to do that, I jumped at the chance,” explained Sepulveda.

He’s looking forward to a long, rewarding career at HFC.

“The first thing I noticed about HFC was how much the College cared about its students,” said Sepulveda. “I read reviews from students and alumni and learned they had great experiences at the College. I have felt nothing but kindness and care from all of the faculty and staff here at HFC since I interviewed. I am very thankful for that.”