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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

HawkStrong fund supports student emergency needs

Hawkster with Hawk Strong Fund

Quick access: How to apply for aid from the HawkStrong fund

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See qualifications for the fund below.

What is the HawkStrong fund?

Henry Ford College remains strong because of our commitment to a spirit of community. We share values of lifelong learning and caring for one another. We uphold the well-being and success of our students above everything else.

The coronavirus has created burdens for many of our students. Before the crisis arose, some of you were already working two jobs, supporting your children, caring for your parents or elders, and working to keep up in your classes.

During the pandemic, some of the employers that often hire our students -- such as restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations -- have been forced to eliminate jobs, leaving numerous students facing unemployment or other hardships.

While we have been actively making sacrifices and altering our daily lives in response to the pandemic, we have shared an outpouring of heartfelt concern for our students. The situation has left us wondering how we can rise together to help sustain them and keep students' educational dreams alive.

Let's work together to keep our students #HawkStrong.

We have established the HawkStrong Fund as an emergency student support fund to empower our students to meet essential financial challenges and to keep students moving forward until this crisis has passed.

Funding for each student HawkStrong request will generally be $500 or less. Additional funding could be provided for certain circumstances.

The fund is intended to assist enrolled students (see criteria below) with temporary financial emergencies arising from loss of employment or similar circumstances.

Students, these funds are intended to assist you with the following:

  • Preventing immediate risk of homelessness or loss of essential utility services due to sudden loss of employment
  • Assisting with unforeseen travel expenses between your home and work
  • Meeting the cost of student basic car repairs that prevent you from getting to your job
  • Meeting the cost of daycare due to sudden loss of employment
  • Providing access to technology if you lack the resources to attend your classes online during the campus closure

We intend to make the HawkStrong Fund so successful that it will become a permanent student resource at HFC.

How to donate to the fund

Go to the HawkStrong Fund on our giving website to make a donation.

Qualifications for the fund

  1. To qualify, applicants must be currently enrolled HFC students, or have had their classes postponed as a result of the current campus closure.

  2. High school (dual enrolled) students are not eligible for this program.

Questions about the fund?

Contact: Stacy Bazman
Scholarship Coordinator and Donor Relations