Release Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2019

Meet your student success team of coaches, advisors, and navigators!

The Student Success Team
The Student Success Team

Meet your HFC Student Success Team:

Detroit Promise Coaches Elyse Hogan, Reco Spencer, Mark Yancy.

Success Navigators Erin Yanke, Tia Silva, Samer Atris, Bridget Smith-Botos, Chari Milai, Troy Gibson, Kierra Wilson, Beth Michel, Charles Jackson.

Not pictured are part time advisors, Sherry Clippert deVogel, Melissa Johnson, Christine Munerantz, and Michael Abney, and Success Navigators Julie Fountain and Troy Gibson.

Students: make an appointment to learn what courses you should take for Winter 2020!

Academic Advisors provide you with support throughout your college career, from application to graduation. An Academic Advisor will be assigned to you based on your program of study. We will help you meet your educational goals, from your first day at HFC until the day you complete your degree or certificate.

Student Success Navigators provide an extra layer of support above and beyond academic planning for students who may require additional guidance to be successful in college. A Student Success Navigator will help remove barriers that may be getting in the way of a student’s ability to stay on track by assisting the student in helping to find resources and support through various offices and services on the campus.