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Friday, March 30, 2018

HFC condemns “punish a Muslim day” and affirms campus safety measures

To the HFC Community From Interim President John Satkowski March 30, 2018

Dear HFC Students, Staff, and Faculty,

You may have heard that April 3, 2018 has been targeted by an unidentified group as a day of violence against Muslims. A letter was mailed to households and mosques in Great Britain and was distributed internationally through the internet. The letter contains a racist, Islamophobic message intended to incite violence toward Muslims and their homes and places of worship.

Henry Ford College condemns this “day of violence” in the strongest possible terms. The College will not tolerate harassment, threats, discrimination, or endangerment of any of our community members. When one member of our community is targeted, we are all targeted. We ask that if you see something suspicious or disturbing, please say something. Contact Campus Safety at 313-845-9630 or one of the other offices below.

The strength of our College is in our commitment to community, our connections, and standing together. This year, we reaffirmed our commitment to being a Welcoming College, embracing the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, support, respect, courage, connection, and openness.

These commitments create an environment that is healthy and safe for us to pursue the free exchange of ideas. For every student, faculty or staff member, and community member, our College community will stand with you, support you, and help you achieve your goals.

Recommendations for our Muslim community members

We do not expect violence in our community, and our Campus Safety team will continue closely monitoring both campuses. The College will follow its regular schedule and activities. Students, if you feel you must remain home or away from public spaces on April 3, please contact your professors directly, in advance, for information about class attendance and coursework that may be due.

General Safety Tips:

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything suspicious, contact Campus Safety.
  2. To remain alert and aware, you may wish to avoid using your cell phone or electronic device such as a tablet, music player, or headphones while you are walking on campus.
  3. When possible, walk in pairs or groups at night. Campus Safety offers SafeWalk if you would like someone to walk you to your car or across campus at night.
  4. Be sure to lock your car when it is parked.
  5. Make sure someone always knows where you are and when to expect your return.
  6. If you witness harassment or discrimination, do not confront the harasser. Support the targeted person by standing (or sitting) with them and talking to them, as a way of providing solidarity and connection. If the incident continues or becomes threatening, contact Campus Safety at 313-845-9630 for help.

We value our welcoming campus. Thank you for helping us keep HFC a safe, respectful, inclusive community for all.

John Satkowski
Interim President

HFC Campus Contacts:
Campus Safety
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Arab American Community Liaison

Student Organizations:
HFC Student Council
Arab Student Union
International Student Union
Muslim Students Association
Palestinian Student Organization
Yemen Student Association

Further information about the “punish a Muslim” letter that was distributed in the UK, and recommendations for your safety, may be found on the Council for American Islamic Relations at