Presidential Listening Tour is underway

Release Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018

President Kavalhuna begins his Listening Tour

In consultation with the Board of Trustees and Cabinet, President Kavalhuna is conducting a listening tour as part of the first several weeks of his presidency.

President Kavalhuna asked each HFC vice president to organize meetings for him with members of the College community, internal and external.

The goals of the listening tour are to learn:
1) What is working well at our College,
2) What could be improved, and
3) What campus and community leaders can do to help students and staff be successful during their time at Henry Ford College.

The listening tour ranges to broad groups both within and beyond the College campuses. Sessions and plans for his tour include:

  • Community groups and business leaders
  • the Presidential Advisory Search Committee
  • the Executive Cabinet
  • Executive Directors
  • Labor leaders and HFC labor unions
  • the Employee Recognition and Engagement Committee
  • Coordinating Council
  • Operating Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • Staff Council
  • Student Council
  • Deans
  • Counselors
  • Academic committees
  • Library and Learning Lab
  • Campus Safety
  • HR
  • Foundation Board
  • Student Affairs, Admissions, Advisors, Navigators, Student Activities
  • Employers including Beaumont / Oakwood, Ford, Henry Ford Health System, KLA, Secure-24
  • Political leaders
  • College presidents including EMU, Madonna, Schoolcraft, Siena Heights, UDM, Michigan, WCCCD, Wayne State
  • Press / media

The meetings are being arranged by the President's Executive Assistant, Kathy Dimitriou.

Some photos from the early listening sessions are on this page.