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Release Date: 
Thursday, May 5, 1988

HFC Presents: Oklahoma

Event Date: 
Thu, 05/05/1988 to Thu, 05/19/1988

Production Information

1988 Page Award Winners
Best Choreography: Diane Mancinelli

Directed by: Dr. George Popovich
Music by: Richard Rogers
Books and Lyrics by: Oscar Hammerstein II


  • Curly: Robert Corzine
  • Aunt Eller: Cheri Cernan
  • Laurey: Jennifer L. Parlette
  • Ike Skidmore: Bill Williams**
  • Fred: Victor G. Bidini**
  • Slim: Mark Powell**
  • Will Parker: Robert Wilkin**
  • Jud Fry: David Atkins
  • Ado Annie Carnes: Heather Ann Capote**
  • Ali Hakim: Jim Shmina
  • Gertie Cummings: Valerie Petkovich**
  • Ellen: Julie V. Ward**
  • Kate: Catherine Sweeny**
  • Sylvie: Cynthia Grusendorf**
  • Armina: Ann Cullen**
  • Andrew Carnes: Thomas P. Korte
  • Cord Elam: Devon C. Cox

**also in chorus

Anne Kerwin, Wendy Allers, Andrea White, Michelle Davidson, Elaine Puruluski, Pat White, Donna Montgomery, Leslie rains, Michelle Gorman, Jeana Schotthoeffer, Carissa Soranno, Simona Parker, Kristin Wolter, Jennifer Gentry, Melissa Looney, Tammy Macnicol, Ann Cullen, Angelina Hill

Kansas City Dancers
Jennifer Gentry, Jeannette Oryciak, Julie K. Ward

Many a New Day Dancers
Jennifer Gentry, Tammie Macnichol, Jennifer Parlette, Jeannette Pryciak, Leslie Rains, Andrea White

Dream Ballet Dancers
Leslie Rains, Steve Nicolicj, David Atkins, Victor Bidini, Devon C. Cox, Tammie Macnichol, Jeannette Pryciak, Elaine Puruleski, Andrea White, Jeniifer Gentry. Heathers Ann Capote

All Er Nuthin’ Dancers
Andrea White, Elaine Puruleski

Andrew Loy, Angela Flaim, Rosemary Montgomery, Brianne Hall, Grace Montgomery, Valerie May Bundt