IRB Review Types and Required Forms

The IRB conducts three types of reviews depending on the nature and scope of the research project presented. The timeframe for review and required accompanying material depends on the type of review. Below is a link to a full description of each type of IRB review and a checklist to determine if your project is eligible for exempt or expedited review.

Please submit all IRB applications to the IRB Chair, Dr. Charles Jacobs, at

Exempt Review

Exempt reviews are provided for research studies that are minimally invasive and that pose no potential threat to participants. Examples include education research, surveys, interviews, or secondary data analysis.

The exempt review process will take approximately seven to ten business days.

Exempt Review Explanation   Exempt Review Checklist   Exempt Review Application Form

Expedited Review

Studies that qualify for expedited review must present no more than a minimal risk to participants. Examples include: collection of noninvasive biological specimens, collection of audio or video data, clinical studies of drugs and medical devices.

The expedited review process will take approximately 15-20 business days.

Expedited Review Explanation   Expedited Review Checklist   Expedited Review Application

Full Board Review

Research that presents greater than minimal risk and/or does not qualify for exempt or expedited review will require a full Institutional Research Board review.

The full board review process will take at least 30 calendar days.

Full Review Explanation   Full Review Application Form

Informed Consent

Researchers must obtain the informed consent of all study participants. Read the documents below to learn more.

Elements of Informed Consent   Informed Consent Checklist   Informed Consent Template