Future for Frontliners Cost Calculator

The Futures for Frontliners (F4F) program will cover tuition (in-district rate) and mandatory fees for classes that are required for your program.

Use the calculator below to estimate how much of your costs will be covered by F4F and how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket or through other financial aid offered to you.

To find the information you will need for each field, review the instructions at the bottom.

Only include credits for classes required for your program of study (6 credit hours minimum).

How to find the information to put in the fields above:

  1. Are you in-district or out-of-district? HFC shares the Dearborn School District boundaries, mapped here.

  2. How many credit hours will you take at the 100 or 200 level? (Most classes fit this category.)

  3. How many credit hours will you take at the 300 and 400 level? (These classes are upper-level courses in our Culinary programs.)

4, 5, 6: Course fees, excess contact hour fees, and inclusive access bookstore fees / charges are not covered by the Futures for Frontliners scholarship.

  • If you are not yet registered: Find your exact fees by looking up each specific course by semester: Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer.

  • If you are already registered: You may by find your exact fees by visiting the Student Portal.

NOTE: Your final total may be less than the calculations above if you qualify for additional forms of financial aid.

  • Pell Grant, as well as other tuition-restricted offers will reduce your final F4F funding amount.

  • You may use any additional financial aid offers to help cover your remaining balance.