Getting Started with WebAdvisor

myHFCC WebAdvisor is the web-based interface for Henry Ford's Automated Network of Knowledge (HANK) and provides many useful tools for students, faculty, support staff and administrators.

Using myHFCC WebAdvisor, general college students can:

  • Register, add, drop and pay for classes.
  • Retrieve grades.
  • Get updates on financial aid.

Continuing education students can:

  • Enroll register and pay for classes.

Faculty can:

  • Get class rosters.
  • Take attendance.
  • Enter grades.

Staff and Administrators can:

  • Get employment information.

Connecting To WebAdvisor

The address for myHFCC WebAdvisor is
Your communications to and from this site are protected by SSL encryption. You should see a padlock in your web browser's status bar to indicate the secure connection. You can click on the VeriSign logo to verify the authenticity of your connection.

If you're having problems connecting to myHFCC WebAdvisor, here is a list of common problems:

  • Try retyping the address above. Notice that there is not a "www" prior to the address.
  • Try accessing the WebAdvisor through the link provided above. If you are using a printed copy of these instructions, try using the link on the HFC home page at
  • Try again later. Your Internet Service Provider or WebAdvisor may be inaccessible at this time.

If you can connect to the site but are still having problems, check the following:

  • Verify that you have the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
  • Make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser.
  • Check the WebAdvisor FAQ for more information.

After you've connected to WebAdvisor, you can view HFC's schedule of classes anonymously. Beyond that, you will need to log on to the system in order to use it.

Logging on to WebAdvisor

In order to use WebAdvisor, users must first log in. Student logins are created several times daily by an automated batch process, so your WebAdvisor login should be ready soon after you complete the enrollment process. Faculty logins are created after an instructor is assigned to a current course section within the system. Staff and administrator login creation is performed manually.

What's My User ID?

Your login name is generated based on your first initial, middle initial and last name. If you did not provide HFC with a Middle Name or Initial, then it will not be part of your login. Every login on the system must be unique, so if a login with your initials and surname has already been assigned to someone else, your login will have a number after it to make it unique. This number is automatically assigned by the system.

To find your exact login, select the What's My User ID? link from the WebAdvisor Account Information page. In order to find your login name, you will need to provide your last name and either your Social Security Number or HANK ID for identification. If you were recently added to the system and WebAdvisor cannot find your login name, please be patient. Your login should be available within 24 hours.

What's My Password?

Now that you have your login name, you will need your password to log in. By default, your password will be your birth date, in MMDD form. For example, if you were born on August 26th, your password will be 0826. Make sure that you aren't trying to use month and year by mistake.

If your birth date was not in the system when your login was created, your initial password was randomly generated. If your email address is in the system, then you can use the Reset My Password feature to generate a new password, which will be emailed to your registered address. If your email address is not in the system, or you do not receive an email within ten to fifteen minutes after changing your password, call 313-845-6403 or email for assistance.

After logging in for the first time with either your default password or a recently reset password, you must change your password manually before you can use the system. It will also be necessary to change your password periodically after you begin using WebAdvisor.

Select a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. It must be six to nine characters long and contain both letters and numbers. You will need to provide your login name and existing password for identification, and then provide your new password twice for confirmation. Even though it is optional, be sure to supply a password hint in case you forget your password. A good hint will help you recall your password without giving it away. Using your hint to remember your password is much easier than going through the process of resetting your password at a later date.

Note: Your initial password is also your PIN for TREG and your default password for all other systems, including the Novell network. If your initial password was not your birth date, please contact 313-845-6403 for assistance with TREG. You will also need to submit a Trouble Ticket to DVC to fix your network password.

For additional help please see the Computer Help Desk, which contains consolidated information about all HFC passwords.

I Forgot my WebAdvisor Password

If you have changed and forgotten your password then check the password hint box or use What's my password? for help.

Still can't figure it out?
Call 313-845-6403 or email us at and we will help you reset it.

WebAdvisor Helpful Hints

Remember that your login and password are case-sensitive. That is, there is a difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. Check to make sure that CAPS LOCK is not on before calling the HelpDesk with password problems.

For security reasons, you should never use your browser's back button to return to a previous page. Always click the menu button at the top of each WebAdvisor page to return to the menu. You may experience strange results if you try to navigate backwards through WebAdvisor.

Please be patient. WebAdvisor can get pretty slow, especially around grade and peak registration times. The system is designed to reject attempts to click the Submit button multiple times, and you will receive an error. After the error, you may have to wait several minutes before trying the same operation again.

Remember to Log Out and close your browser when you are done. This will keep your information secure, especially if you are working from a shared terminal.

WebAdvisor FAQ