General Education Requirements

All Henry Ford College Associate Degrees require students to complete General Education Requirements. General Education is defined as courses and/or learning experiences that enable students to attain the knowledge and skills needed by every college graduate.

General Education establishes a foundation of skills and understandings to enable success in employment and further education. In line with its belief that General Education competence should be defined by the College to meet the needs of the external communities in which its graduates must function, HFC has collected and restated expectations identified by employers, alumni, and four-year universities.

HFC’s General Education Outcomes reflect those expectations. All students are required to meet the General Education Outcomes for graduation.

American Society, Events, Institutions and Cultures

All graduates will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of American society, with emphasis on: major ideas and events that have influenced American society, OR social and political institutions that shape American society, OR diverse populations and cultures that compose American society.

Students must pass at least one course:

Computer Literacy

All graduates will be able to:

Utilize a computer and its software to accomplish practical tasks, including word processing and Internet usage

Students must pass at least one course, or the CLT-100 test:

Critical Thinking

All graduates will be able to:

Use Critical thinking and problem solving skills in addressing a problem or situation described verbally, graphically, symbolically, or numerically

Students must pass at least one non-activity based course numbered 100 or higher

Information Literacy and Written Communication

All graduates will be able to:

Identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information to solve problems (Information Literacy).

Demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing in Standard English at the College level (Written Communication).

Students must pass either sequence:


Important notes on courses that meet General Education requirements:

  1. To receive an Associate Degree from the College, students must earn a passing grade in at least one of the courses (or pairs of courses) listed for each General Education Outcome.
  2. Courses required in the curriculum for particular programs may also fulfill General Education Requirements. Students should carefully compare the course requirements for their program with General Education Requirements to ensure that they enroll in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. Particular programs may recommend that students take specific courses meeting General Education Requirements for the purpose of transfer to other colleges and/or universities. Students should check the transfer requirements for the college and/or university they plan to attend to ensure they enroll for the appropriate required courses.

See the HFC University Transfer, Advising, and Career Counseling Center for information on transfer requirements.