General Education Requirements

General Education is defined as a culmination of learning experiences that enable students to attain the knowledge and skills needed by every college graduate. General Education establishes a foundation of skills and understandings to enable success in employment and further education.

In line with its belief that General Education competence should be defined by the College to meet the needs of the external communities in which its graduates must function, HFC has collected and restated expectations identified by employers, alumni, and four-year universities. HFC’s General Education Outcomes reflect those expectations and we require our students to successfully complete courses that will lead toward competence in these areas.Therefore, all students are required to successfully complete at least 24 General Education credits for all Associate in Arts, Associate in General Studies, and Associate in Science degrees, or at least 15 General Education credits for all Associate in Applied Science and Associate in Business degrees.

Students must complete a minimum of three credit hours from each of the five areas listed below. Some HFC associate degree programs are prescriptive in the General Education courses students must take for graduation. Students should consult with their program’s Degree Requirements and an Academic Adviser prior to enrolling in classes or changing their program of study.

Civil Society and Culture—U.S. and Global

Students will compare and contrast the United States globally with other nations or regions, addressing one or both of the following: (1) social, economic, political and cultural issues or (2) patterns of diversity or inequality, including racial, ethnic, religious or gender differences.

HFC courses that fulfill this requirement:


Students will effectively communicate ideas appropriate to their discipline using standard English, through written and verbal communication.

HFC courses that fulfill this requirement:

Computer Technology

Students will demonstrate skills for computer technology, including Internet, network and advanced file operations. Skills will include organizing, managing, and presenting data using office productivity software. Students will also identify security and integrity threats and identify unethical actions within their social or professional environments.

HFC courses that fulfill this requirement:

Critical Thinking and Information Literacy

Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and evaluate information and identify the need for research to draw conclusions, formulate inferences, solve problems and make decisions. Students will also demonstrate information literacy skills by locating, evaluating, selecting, organizing, synthesizing, and ethically documenting information from multiple sources using both informal and formal formats, as appropriate for diverse writing situations.

HFC courses that fulfill this requirement:

Quantitative Literacy

Students will apply quantitative skills to analyze situations and make decisions in a variety of contexts.

HFC courses that fulfill this requirement:

Important notes on courses that meet General Education requirements:

  1. To receive an associate degree from the College, students must earn a passing grade in all required General Education courses listed for their specific program of study.
  2. Required Core, Support, and Elective courses for particular programs may also fulfill General Education and Degree Specific Requirements. Students should carefully compare the course requirements for their program with General Education Requirements and Degree Specific Requirements to ensure that they enroll in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. Particular programs may recommend that students take specific courses meeting General Education Requirements for the purpose of transfer to other colleges and/or universities. Students should check the transfer requirements for the college and/or university they plan to attend to ensure they enroll for the appropriate required courses.

See the HFC University Transfer, Advising, and Career Counseling Center for information on transfer requirements.